BIG-TIME Garden Hills FNM General leaked sensitive Information to the Tribune!

Gaynell Moss

NASSAU| A big-time FNM general out of the constituency of Garden Hills has been identified by BP as the mole leaking sensitive Cabinet documents to the Tribune.

Gaynell Moss, the FNM general, is responsible for inputting all of the Cabinet notes and is a favourite of the Secretary to the Cabinet, Nicole Campbell. She provided the Terlet Paper with information on persons being engaged to government to assist the New Davis Administration in saving the Bahamas!

Now BP had to track down ‘da leaker’, who is known in circles as “Da Jimmy Swaggart of the FNM” (don’t ask us why). And we are reporting this because ONLY Bahamas Press since 2007 was privileged to sensitive details inside the workings of Government and even we were shocked when material began to leak.

Moss, was given a government vehicle just two weeks ago while more senior persons from Cabinet Office don’t have vehicles.

Bahamas Press again cautions the administration with many of these snitches hanging around the offices of the Government! We ga say it again – ONLY BP has authority to collect material from inside the Government and if we see another leak – TRUST US – we coming for the leaker!

We report yinner decide!