The PRESS must learn MInnis is a DAMN LIAR and cannot practice what he preaches!


NASSAU| Hubert Minnis has to be described as the most shameless lying politician this country has ever seen in its history. 

The man who was tossed out of power having served the shortest term as PM in the history of the country now finds himself holding onto a string inside his defeated FNM seeking time with the press to spew new lies. 
Just yesterday he took the time to attack Davis Government on the rehires of Public Servants. WELL WAIT!
Now all this came from the Tribune which everyone knows is the cesspit of Journalism in the country.

The unrepentant Minnis, who lied his way in and out of office was upset about the Davis Administration contracting experienced public officers back on the job.

Now, if you take Minnis word for it, you would believe this is unusual or was never done during his short term in office. BUT WAIT! Here is the man Minnis, who hired the largest team of retired public officers in history even when he promised that he would not do so back in 2017! 

And here are just a list of persons still on the job hired by Minnis who retired but were engaged by him: 
Camille Johnson (PS)-Secretary to the Cabinet

Marlon Johnson (Budget Officer)-Ag. Financial Secretary

Carl Smith (PS)-Permanent Secretary

Joshua Sears (PS)-Senior Policy Advisor, OPM

Viana Gardener (Counsel)-Chief Executive Officer, PMDU, OPM

Sterling Quant (Registrar General)-Ambassador to China

Melonie Roach (Director Public Works)-Director of Public Works

Anthony Ferguson (COP)-Director, National Crime Intelligence Agency

Quinn McCartney (ACP)-Director, Financial Intelligence Unit

Samuel Butler (ACP)-Assistant Director, National Crime Intelligence Agency

Algernon Cargill (Director, NIB)-Director, Civil Aviation Department

Brandace Duncanson (Counsel)-Deputy Director, Immigration

Eugenia Cartwright (Treasurer)-Deputy Financial Secretary

Sir Michael Barnett (Chief Justice)-President, Court of Appeal

Dame Anita Allen (Pres. Court of Appeal)-Law Reform and Revision Commissioner
Anita Bernard  at Gov House, Stewart Curtis at Immigration,

Charles Albury at Parliamentary, and his brother from ZNS!

Errol Bethel at Parliamentary  

Ret. ACP Ismelda David – in National Security Neighbourhood 

And former COP Anthony Ferg

Former COP Anthony Ferguson

Dr. Merceline Dahl-Regis – Consultant HEALTH

Clarence Russell – Retired Police Office appointed Director of Immigration UNDER MINNIS!

And these are just some of the persons who Minnis today is saying should not be on the job although he hired them! WHAT HYPOCRITE! 

To Members of the Press when this LIAR comes to yinner the next time make sure to do your research. Look Minnis square in the eye and tell him – “YOU DOES LIE!” Then take whatever he tells you with a grain of salt.

We report yinner decide!