Big wedding flop at Cathedral-over-the-hill as groom failed to divorce his first wife and had to cancel the wedding, embarrassing the bride and guests!


NASSAU| The daughter of a former ZNS news director got the shock of her life after her lover could not proceed with a wedding at the Cathedral over the Hill on Saturday.

Shari Albury, the daughter of retired news director Vaughn Albury, was set to marry banker Gordon Lightbourne at 3 pm but guests at the wedding got the shock of their life as the nuptials had to be canceled.

According to our source deep inside the Registrar, Lightbourne is a  married man, and, therefore, could not proceed with the wedding as scheduled. His current wife is also a banker. But did he tell his lover Shari this?

The Albury family was to host one of the biggest evening wedding dinners seen in the country for a while. In fact, right now, as BP publishes this report, the wedding reception has turned into a belated 60th birthday party for the father of the bride, Vaughn Albury, who celebrated his birthday this past January. What a flop!

Guests, who had special gowns flown into the country for the wedding, were turned away from the church and given the sad news. How could people plan such an extravagant event and not properly investigate each other before heading to the church and inviting guests? What is this!? Could there be a bun in the oven to have such a rushed hurried splash without getting divorced?

Anyway, if you want some free food tonight, just ride down to Fusion Superplex and help yourselves to the dinner feast.

We report yinner decide!