Bigger fires have started in Abaco this morning as the security situation gets worse by the minute!

Bigger fires started in Marsh Harbour this morning…

Marsh Harbour, Abaco| New, bigger and more dangerous fires are popping up across Marsh Harbour, Abaco this morning.

An original fire, which started late yesterday evening in the Mudd, was brought under control by police and Defence Force officers. However, right now at 2:30 am new, bigger and more threatening fires have started on the island.

Just last week the PM announced his intentions to consider curfews for the island after claims of looting and fears for public safety following the storm became a reality.

We at BP said more than a week ago that a big land row has started on Abaco since the killer hurricane. This will not end well! Abaco is burning this morning!

We report yinner decide!


  1. Yeap Davis is going to need all their votes to win so he will give citizenship. They brought in cheap labor and looked away from the unfit unsafe shanty town. Hurricane solved their problem. No one believes those fires could burn like that with wet wood and debris. They put plenty chemicals to make those fires. Not one but a few now. We not that stupid.

  2. When the hurricane hit I said Americans will go on and swoop up real estate and build resorts.
    I am a very embarrassed American for this reason and Trump.

    The PM of Bahamas does not have to let foreigners come in and build.

    I have visited small islands in the Caribbean where outsiders wanted to build luxury resorts. The government’s said No Thanks.

  3. They did it in New Orleans Louisiana. When Hurricane Katrina hit it was a prime example of a well-known flood zone. real estate is cheap there and people could not afford to rebuild. The residents mostly moved out and they have made construction precautions to make sure no more floods hit the lower part of Louisiana. More hotels are popping up casinos are popping up and white people are moving in and buying up everything in that flood zone because they have the equipment to fix it. And trust me whether a white people the money Anything is Possible!

    • Neither land or homes are cheap in New Orleans. I’m from there and I am a real estate investor.

  4. As an American watching this, I must say this has to do with Prime real estate property. The government and white people do not care if you are Haitian or Bahamian, they are going to turn this place into resort property. With that being said they want everybody off of it. the best way to do that is set everything on fire. The government is making money for future endeavors. They are burning this land so that they can build hotels and other resort property.

  5. Government party or cover up? Seems easier to burn everything. It is ashame they dont get more people on the ground to collect loved ones that have perished. And send in the military for some security and cleanup. Hell basically the world has offered help. Why isnt more being done? Seems as if nobody cares and that is truely sad. It is going to take a long time for the bahamian people to recover at this pace

  6. Why is this happening? Is it black v white? Bahamian v Haitian? DO they think they’re going to “take” other people’s land just because they are presently not on it?

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