Bigtime FNM Politician pays for the funeral of murdered man Omar Davis…


Murder accused brother has fled to the mountains of Haiti…Why police have failed to share a sketch with the public? Have they issued a red notice?

Omar Davis Jr and murder accused Normand Toussaint (who took the rap for his brother).

Nassau| The man who was allegedly murdered by his lover a few weeks ago Omar Davis was recently laid to rest. A bigtime FNM politician paid for the lavish funeral but did not attend the service held at the Pilgram Baptist Church on September 10th. Restview organized the details and only three persons were allowed to view Davis’ remains during the closed casket event.

The politician had bankrolled the young graduate when he stayed off residence while at university in America. But there is more. The victim was about to leave for Atlanta to take up a job at a reputable accounting firm there and was welcomed at the home of another disgraced fired MP.

Interestingly, young Davis’ accused killer has taken the rap for the murder. But smart police know the accused killer, who was his lover, did not inflict the violent attack on the victim.

Sources close to the investigations have now told BP they are looking for the brother of accused Normand Toussaint, 20,  who is believed to have fled the Bahamas and returned deep up in the bushes of a wild hogs community in Haiti hills. That man on the run has been aided by a powerful network sources say.

The 21-year-old’s body was found in a garbage bag in the trunk of a Honda Fit that was parked near bushes on East Avenue in Centreville back on August 15th.

To the man on the run comfort, police have refused to release the identity of Toussaint’s brother. Police have also failed to share with the public these breaking developments sharing CCTV detail or any sketched image of the brother. WE WONDER WHY?

Toussaint returns to the Magistrates’ Court on December 27, meanwhile, with the ability to applying to the Supreme Court so he too can apply for bail to walk up and down in the country again. What is this?

Some believe the arrest of the brother, who is on the run, might expose the truth as to why Omar Davis jr. was really murdered and could point to his connections with the former bigtime FNM politician. But that is another story for another day.

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