Bimini is set to VOTE FOR CHANGE And wash the CORRUPT BANDITS OUT!!! Government set to investigate loaded contracts by Bimini Local Board!!!


Soon to be fired Chief Councilor Lloyd Edgecombe caught in a big lie on National TV!!!!


Island Administrator Oscar Munroe must point Government Investigators into how did public money get paid to someone who cannot be located or identified? Who is Clarence Rolle and how did that cheque get cashed if he is no where to be found?

Alice Town, Bimini – Bahamas Press has planted its teams on the island of Bimini to welcome the winds of CHANGE in that part of the Bahamas.

We join the quest of the people in this; to rid faces of Corruption, Clannish Victimization and Cliquish POWER HUNGRY Officials from the elected Local Government on that island – all of whom are now set to be rejected at the ballot box!

Bimini needs and wants change!

We reported to you our loyal readers how the “rank abuse” of your money have been carried on by those elected to run the local government on Bimini. You placed them into power – and only you will take them out!

Their last term of FAILURE was unchristian, uncharitable and unkind! They abused their power to enrich themselves while Biminites got the bad end of the stick. This Council headed by Lloyd Edgecombe we submit, issued padded local government contracts to themselves – while residents on the island of Bimini got ignored.

Bahamas Press has learnt an investigation by the Central Government is now underway into the affairs of the wicked and nasty abuse of public money on that island by the Chief Councilor and the Island Administration who, many believe, have now become the focus of that probe into your funds.

Now you would remember how we at Bahamas Press reported to the fact how swings and slides were purchased for the parks on the island at a cost of over $51,000. But get this: a cheque authorized for the purchase was written to a man by the name of Cleveland Rolle who no one can identify! We cannot locate the man!

BREATHING FLIES >>>> LOOK AT THE RECORD OF THE LAST BIMINI LOCAL BOARD?! The famous Radio Beach where thousands of guests frequently visit yearly on the island of Bimini. This was the state of the Beach when BP arrived on the island just a few weeks ago. Bimini Must reject FAILURE ON JUNE 23rd!!!!

A strong and firm swing/slide set from luxury park outdoor companies like those from ‘Luke and Laura’ in New Providence can cost up to as much as $5,000 at the most! The question must now be put: “If three sets were purchased by the Local Government’s Chief Councilor Lloyd Edgecombe – even at that high figure of $15,000.00 – what has happened to the remaining $36,000?”

This is a question Biminites must decide come Monday June 23rd when the polls open.

The question has fallen on deaf ears – and no answer can nor has any logical answer been given!

Bimini needs and wants change! And it must change! It need decent – respectable – untainted leadership at the Local Government Level!

But get this: During a ZNS Freeport News broadcast on the 10th, June 2014, the Bimini Local Board Chief Councilor, Lloyd Edgecombe, stated that he does not sign any cheques.

This was to imply that the Local Island Administrator Oscar Munroe perhaps in the culprit in the Swing/Slide Scandal!

Well, Bahamas Press wants all the public of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, especially residents of Binimi, to view the rules from the manual “Of Local Procedure for Local Government Boards” where it states, and we quote:

“[5.0] Authorisation for Cheque and Cash Disbursement

“[5.1] The signatures of the Chief Councilor and the District

“Administrator or their alternates [see 5.3 and 5.4 below] are required on all cheques processed on behalf of the District or any Town Area within the District.”

1) Who is lying in this case?

2) How can any cheque be honored with only a signature of the

District Administrator?

3) What kind of reckless spending is this on Bimini done by one man’s signature – if – the Bimini Local Board is not a part the decision?

4) And how could this even be possible when we are talking $51,810.00 or even $47,000.00 [this latter cost being to repair a roof also over priced!]

5) Why would Lloyd Edgecombe, the Chief Councilor, tell a lie like this on our National TV ZNS News?

6) What is he hiding when he knows, after a Bahamas Press thorough investigation into the books, the facts all point to him?

Bahamas Press can assure the people on the island of Bimini that the Local Councilor secured the purchase without the knowledge of others and to this date cannot supply anyone with a copy of the purchased receipt from the anonymous Cleveland Rolle – who we have yet to identify! Well call ‘da balice’!

To whose account were the funds deposited?

Bahamas Press advises the people of Bimini to demand answers! Fire its tired faces of corruption, and failure; which have led to higher prices and taxes on that island!

Demand Change for the People of Bimini!

Biminites – VOTE FOR CHANGE! Elect NEW LEADERSHIP and COME MONDAY, JUNE 23 – call for handcuffs following the Government Probe into the expenditure of YOUR MONEY!!!!

This is the time for the PEOPLE!!!! DEMAND CHANGE!!!!


We report Yinner Decide!