Bimini is turning into one big mess with Covid19 lockdowns…


The entire firefighting division at the Bimini Airport placed in quarantine on Bimini – And – Bimini MP Pakeisha Parker to hold a ZOOM meeting with residents at 7pm on Tuesday…

Alice Town Bimini

BIMIMI| We heard from Bimini today and from our reports the island is turning into one big COVID19 nightmare.

Positive cases are on the rise and is dangerously affecting international travellers heading to and from the island.

BP is learning the firefighting division at the Bimini airport has has been shutdown making safety for planes landing and taking off an issue. One carrier for the island confirmed it is a requirement for its service to have a firefighting team on the ground in order for flights to arrive and depart from Bimini.

For example, because the entire team of firefighters are in quarantine, no one can enter or leave on flights with Silver Air. And with the lockdowns now in place for another two weeks it means without firefighters that airline service to the island will suspend for that two-week period. But is the Minnis Government pay close attention to all this like BP? We doubt they even know!

BP is also learning an even greater problem is unfolding on Bimini. A large number of persons who are Covid19 positive and were place in quarantine are walking up and down in the food stores and locations where people are, mingling and spreading the virus! WHAT IS THIS?

Meanwhile, BP is learning officers have issued more than $20,000 Covid19 citations to residents violating the protocols during the Independence holiday weekend alone. Minnis needs the money and this is a way to get it!

The island’s MP Pakeisha Parker is scheduled to hold a ZOOM meeting with residents and all government agencies at 7pm on Tuesday. There the MP will seek to assess how agencies and islanders are handling the COVID19 mess! Boy I tell ya – IF YOU DON’T LAUGH YOU WILL CRY!

We report yinner decide!