Bimini! Oh my Bimini Obie Wilchcombe forget YALL!



Obediah “SLICK WILLIE’ Wilchcombe

Nassau, Bahamas: Alleged Victimizer #2 was under clear skies Thursday night, sounding like Lynden Pindling as he charged a handful of Progressive Liberal Party supporters to remember what Hubert ‘toothless lion’ Ingraham had done to this country in eleven short months.

There at the rally, the man who aspires to lead the PLP gripped the small gathering with his antics and smooth words as he danced the audience through problem after problem with the Ingraham government.

We stopped at Obie because he, at best, sounded like Lynden Pindling, even though his eye is not cocked to the side, he moved like Pindling. ‘Slick Willie’ began just like Sir Lynden would – taking off slow and ended in the high-pitched call, “P.L.P????

But despite all the theatrics and stylistic tones of Pindling, Obie still sounded like the BIGGEST FAKE to hit the stage at the PLP rally on Thursday night. Unlike some attending, we at Bahamas Press know better. We know if he could ONLY MEAN WHAT HE SAY, his words would have some meaning. But they were like empty shells of vapor, as the sheet both he and that OLD WOMAN at the Tribune lay on day after day – fishing news about the PLP – is as dirty as the paper printed every morning.

PLPs should remember, it was Obie Wilchcombe who called for them to boycott the WUTLESS Tribune newspaper, and in that same breath it was he when Kenyetta Gibson left the PLP, to say to the Tribune reporter, all was not well in the party and “we [PLP] should stop fooling ourselves”.

He spew the lies day after day about the fights in the Cabinet room to other squabbles in the 56 year old political machine, and for that, Bahamas Press will not let that part of history [WE KNOW] about OBIE, to ever be forgotten. [Just look how the Tribune covered his statement on the front page Friday morning, after Thursday’s rally to prove our point.]

But the greatest tragedy Wilchcombe made last evening was the point what he never said. The member for West End and Bimini never once mentioned a single time in his entire presentation, the word BIMINI! Nothing about the state of the economy down there, nor ONCE did he suggest the plight faced by those islanders he represents.

Obie never talked about the huge light bills now faced by residents of BIMINI, nor did he ONCE mention the closure of resorts on that island. Obie never said anything to the handful of rally goers about the workers sent home from Bimini Bay nor did he call the name of a BIMINITE as he mentioned others Thursday evening.

At that rally OBIE Wilchcombe, [the new FAKE in waiting], tried all night to walk like Sir Lynden and talk like Sir Lynden and even dressed like Sir Lynden. But unlike Sir Lynden he forgot about the very people on the tiny island he represents. What about telling the Bahamas about their problems brought on Bimini by the ‘VICKED’ [as BJ said] Ingraham. Speak UP for Bimini first OBIE, then try talk about speaking like the former leader of the PLP!

On a serious note however, we at Bahamas Press want the PLP to know we are still looking to a possible 9 more years of Ingraham rule. We wish NOT this crime on the people of The Bahamas, but despite the antics last night, we know Christie still in charge and well that is just why the party is in opposition today.



  1. You know we all may mean well, but to be honest, sometimes it is the people who we choose to associate and surround ourselves with that get us into trouble. Though you may not do something wrong outright, the actions of your associates bring us under suspicion. And when your “enemies” are looking for dirt on you, if they throw enough mud at the wall something is bound to stick.

  2. He probably losing all kind of weight as we speak. Waiting on the ball to drop. Think he meant well but just got messy in the process or you think he just went straight out to do wrong?

  3. BP quiet but WOW, I think you did pretty well..

    Drum roll……..and the Minister isssssssssssssss……………………..

  4. It is quite obvious who the Tribune is meaning and thought that y’all would pick up right on it. Think about it:-

    1. NEMA came under the Ministry of Housing.

    2. Last PLP Government had 2 such Ministers.

    3. The Tribune has a special “hard-on” for one of them.

    4. Anna Nicole.

    BP, how did I do with those hints.

  5. Objective Thought the person is a Minister.

    If pay offs and breaks are not given in this case….the dark will SOON come to light.

  6. Wow, I made it clear that I might not be right but how can you be sure that the Tribune did not make a mistake in printing that the person was a minister??

    But I do hate adding to gossip though!! So I will leave that alone until further information is given…

  7. Drama despite any personal opinions you may have of me I do have a sense of humour. Just remember humour is a matter of taste. Laughing at the Prime Minister shirt while he is on an out island trip was not funny to me. If he was in the HOA wearing that shirt, then maybe it would of been funny.

  8. I agree they need to be exposed. No, truthfuly, I didnt know about Willy’s temper. I obviously missed watching the House of Ass. that day.

    I hope he seeks counseling. Wouldnt even do the usual and tell him to go to my wife’s spa for massages etc to calm him down. He might try to “take them out”….LOL

  9. I am surprised Drama King, that you didn’t know about slick Willy’s temper. I used to think when the PLP was in power that Kenneth Russell use to try and incite Obie. I remember one time things got so heated between the two of them, they had to adjourn. I understand from persons there, that a couple of his colleagues had to try and calm him down, he threatened to ‘f’ up Ken who actually reported the threat to the police. Sad thing about it was school children were there! Like I said before just ask anyone working at MOT or anyone who he is friendly with. You have provided a forum obviously, that these slicksters pay attention to and we need to continue to expose and call them out on their wickedness.

  10. So, BP once again you FORCE a politician “out the closet”…I see Old Chilly Willy Wilchcombe was on the air discussing his temper. Well he admitted it. So those who were defending him should have egg on their faces.

  11. By the way, I think Monique Davis’ attack on WOW was senseless and immature. She obviously has no sense of humor and is one of those people who IDOLIZE politicians. She needs to wake up and smell the coffee.

  12. Well Joe and Joe Blow (I thought it was the same person – thanks for the clarity) you have schooled me about Wilchcombe. I’ve never witnessed the temper and have never heard anyone say anything before now.

    Maybe thats why Old Chilly Willy decided never to marry. He probably is afraid he beats the crap out of someone’s daughter when he is in one of his frenzies.

  13. WOW! I really don’t care who it is, knowing who is and nothing is being done about the situation, really don’t make any difference.

  14. See y’all falling right into the Tribune trap. Besides, if the story is true, it can’t be Frank Smith cause the Tribune say a former Minister and he was never a Minister.

  15. I did not see the story in the Tribune but if I remember correctly, the story went kinda like this.

    FS was having a building built here in New Providence but to duck from paying customs, he had the materials shipped to an island that was under the duty free zone and then later shipped here in New Providence….

    I think someone brought this up in the HOA during the time when the Mona Vie issue was hot off the press but I am not sure about that.

  16. WOW! I believe you that is the only reason they would half way tell a story. They know how Bahamians go, now we would start thinking it is this person or the next person and then somebody would start talking like it’s actual facts, then they would have achieved their goal. They will get the rumours going, without even calling a name.

  17. Kim, the Tribune just wants to sow the seed of doubt and let the public do the damage by calling names and having the “witch hunt” to figure out who the person is. If they call the name (if it is even a true story) the story dies down after a couple of days. If they don’t call a name, the story is kept alive a lot longer as everyone is discussing it, giving their take on it and trying to find out who the person is.

    Judging from the past record of the Tribune, if the story was factual, they would have called the name and pulled no punches.

  18. Ojective thought I see you were trying to give me a hint, but I still dont know who you mean. It was not until last week, that I learn what Mona Vie was. The Tribune should have called names. Why tell a story half way? They like the mind games,which I dont have time for.

  19. Kim, I was not even talking about the Mona Vie issue..I was saying that the person who brought that issue up is the one who the Tribune is talking about….

    There is no relation between the 2…and I aint trying to bring up that issue either…

    I was just trying to give you an idea on who it could be because I heard about this construction issue a few months back when the Mona Vie issue was going on.

  20. Objective thought first of all, I dont know what you are talking about. Where is the connection between the construction thing and the Mona Vie?

  21. Kim, I have heard about this construction thing before…I think that they are talking about the fella with the Mona Vie issues on the side that pushed the issue (FS)!!

  22. I am not guessing who Bp is. I am guessing who Media is.

    I have been reading what Media writes here and elsewhere and I think that my guess is right.

    Wow, it’s not that one…

  23. I might talk sh**and I might sh** sh**, but I don’t mix with it. Therefore, I am sorry I will not be to accept your invitation. I am glad to know you took my sound advice and you got help. My job here is done, I would not be able to assist you with your invitation list, because I don’t know anybody else who is full of sh** like you.

  24. Kim I ran right out and did as you advised. Got two cases. Have sent you an invitation to my “tootin” party. Hope the post office knows where to deliver it. Who else should I invite? I draw the line at Obie though

  25. Has anyone figured out yet if Obie could answer our questions? He was ALL over the radio handing out solutions, like a paper boy. The problem was NOBODY (NOT EVEN PLPs LIKE WOW) is reading his CRAP!


    All we say is this, If Christie does that, Christie gat SOME!


  26. Joe Blow I always thought something was wrong with you, now I know the reason you always sound so stressed. There are things you can take for constipation, may be you can ask your local pharmacy. Whatever they recommend for you, I suggest you but it by the case. You sound like you full of sh** Now you know I don’t only make stale jokes, I give good advice too.

  27. Joe I always thought something was wrong with you, now I know the reason you always sound so stressed. There are things you can take for constipation, may be you can ask your local pharmacy. Whatever they recommend for you, I suggest you but it by the case. You sound like you full of sh** Now you know I don’t only make stale jokes, I give good advice too.

  28. Media: Please clear up your statement for me about the bleachers. I thought it was Neville Wisdom who perpetrated that “faux pas”. Was Obie’s hand in that cookie jar too? And Ronica, I hope that your assessment of the leaders’ lack of abilities apply to both sides of the “divide”. And did you mean their bench is deeper in “do-do since we seem to be advocating for Scotts tissues. I prefer Charmin myself. See Kim, I do have a sense of humour even if it is a little dry.Constipated?

  29. this is for joe, if the current plp chairman is a let down, then sidney collie must be and even bigger let down.

    at least joe, the plp’s bench is so much eeper than the fnms bench.

    personally i do not see any leadership in the fnm.

    that’s why we are in the mess we are in now stale leadership, outdated leadership,and dictatorial leadership

  30. Yep, there was another story about a PLP MP and some woman in his car, same kind of thing. Someone said the Tribune wants to be another Punch, seems those kind of tactics sell papers.

  31. Media and Kim, the Tribune has this same dangerous attitude that I was referring to. Their main goal is not to sell newspapers, it is political mischief. Why did they not call the name of the PLP MP if it is true? It is funny how they know and publish all the intricate details of the scam, the interrogation schedule but not the MP’s name. They want to start tongues wagging and fingers pointing with all kinds of whispers of who it could be. Many of the wild spin-off tales told by members of the public can be more damaging than the original story.

    That is why I appreciate BP, he deals not with innuendo, but simply kicks a** and call names.

  32. He scared now and trying to do damage control. Look at the story in the Tribune front page this morning re the PLP MP. Obie at work. What sports does he engage in now? Please, Obie your chickens will indeed comne home to roost. A word of advice, start paying off your debts!!

  33. KIM I would not waist .75ç for that piece of TRASH if they were giving it away FREE, I rather BUY Scott’s EXTRA SOFT rolls 1,000 sheets. Its a better buy and its 89ç.


  34. He is speaking right now about the fact that he has a bad temper but has learned to control it by his involvement in sports. Well muddo, BP posters are on the ball.








    Also he says he was the least travel minister, and why? Perhaps Obie should explain. If I was spending $1 million dollars on rented bleachers and spent over $1 million over my Tourism budget without Cabinet approval, I would not travel myself! Perhaps Wilchcombe should explain now he is on air, what he did with that $1 million the CABINET OF THE BAHAMAS knew nothing about?

  36. Objective Thought I would not go there if I was you…(GUESSING WHO IS BAHAMAS PRESS).

    Do remember we wrote about that in an article already WHERE some said we were PLP, others said we were FNM. And someone said we were BDM. We say we are ALL OF THE ABOVE AND NONE OF THOSE MENTIONED. DON’T CALL NAMES, PLEASE, AS WE CAN ASSURE YOU BAHAMAS PRESS IS NO SINGLE INDIVIDUAL.


  37. No doubt the P.M.’s good wife wanted to put a little colour in his life and bought him that shirt while they were on vacation. That’s what good wives do. Certainly it was a cheerful thing to wear to brighten the lives of those who endured that storm.It takes a real man to wear something like that.

  38. Objective thought whoever media is I respect him or her. This person would call a spade a spade. Many other media have failed to do that. This morning, I feel like I have wasted my 75 cent buying the Tribune, they have a story about a PLP MP who the police are questioning in connection with a construction scam, which involves tens of millions of dollars. They have not revealed who this crook is, if media was carrying this story trust me, he was not holding any prisoners. You would have known exactly who this wicked MP was. Those other wutless media do not have the balls to call names. Many people have problem with Bahamas Press, because of they are not used to this boldness. The reason why I support Bahamas Press is because for far too long we had people in high position in this country doing things that are illegal and it was being covered up. For the first time in history, we are able to give our opinion on things happening in our country without the fear of victimization. The Bahamas Press readers and supporter are bringing about changes in the country. Sometime when we discuss issues that are affecting our country, I have seen the government reactions. A few weeks ago, we had discussed the garbage that was in front of an FNM Headquarter; shortly after the discussion the garbage was removed. Through Bahamas Press some positive things are happening.

  39. WOW! I am definitely not happy about the way things turned out yesterday, you are one of the persons on here that I have come to respect and I felt my integrity was under attack. I have never sought to use Bahamas Press to spread malicious lies or attack anyone. If I come on here and I talk fool sometimes, I don’t want anyone to think I am attacking their political party. Anyone who knows me in person loves me, because that is the kind of person I am. I bring a lot of joy to those around me. While, I love to talk fool, many people come to me when they want serious advice as well. Please let’s put this behind us and let’s continue to make valuable contribution to Bahamas Press. I am no too big to apologize if I was wrong about you. I am sorry.

  40. Objective, you trying to say Media is the #1 talk show host in the UNIVERSE, with over 80,000 listeners. LOL

  41. I’M BACK! I stay away from the computer for a couple of hours and look what happens. Kim I am sorry if you misunderstood what I was saying but it was not an attack on you. First of all, I was responding to Monique who basically called us stupid heathens because jokes were made about the PM’s SHIRT! I must admit that somethings said on here about Obie I was hearing for the first time and just wanted to confirm these were factual and not wild accusation, I was not attacking or singling out anyone and I apologize if anyone was offended. This whole thing has been remarkably side-tracked because everyone is over-looking what Monique is saying about all of us, to beat up on myself and Objective.

    Media, you need to take your pills cause I don’t what you tripping out about. You have the luxury of erasing what is said about you if it is not too your liking, others are not that lucky. All I am saying is let’s be careful folks, we may have good intentions, but others may come here to abuse this medium to attack peoples character and forward their own agendas

    And by the way Monique, it was an UGLY shirt, come on admit it!

    hmmm, or did you boy it for him? LOL

  42. I would never call you stupid for supporting the PLP, you probably see something that have impressed you about them.

    I would not call you a liar either, because I dont know what your experience with Mrs. Martin was like. My experience with Mrs. Martin is different and I don’t see her like that. She is one those persons in the PLP that I respect.

  43. Kim that’s just my view..No need to worry. People disagree with me everytime I express that view but no one has been able to convince me to change it…Rather than telling me exactly how they feel and why they think that my view is wrong they just call it a stupid position to hold..

  44. No Joe, I am just another Bahamian who loves Politics and believe in speaking the TRUTH at all times. I don’t compromise when it comes to speaking the truth…When I give you my opinion, it is my honest opinion no strings attached..

    I get paid by no one in the political arena to come on these sites and speak…I stand by what I say and if I am wrong, I am not ashamed to admitt it…

  45. As a follow up Objective Thought, I just read your post up further and am glad to see your views and who you support in the PLP. The chairman seems to be a disaster. I was prepared to give her the benefit of the doubt but what a let down for the first female chairman. Obie, well I have already said enough about him. Hopefully the PLP can find a Leader who is respected by most people. I have my bets on a dark horse.

  46. Objective thought it is important for you to know where you are headed. Where people are going is not your business. You come on here say who your dislike and what you hear, as far I am concern that have nothing to with me. If decide to follow you up what you have share that is my business. Life might not be a joke for you, but for me it might be. That is my prerogative!

  47. The sad thing about homosexuality is the closet ones who pretend to like the opposite sex. By the way Objective Thought, I also thought you were a woman and even one in particular who is rumored to be one of Obie’s sweeties and colleague. Ooops!

  48. Kim, to me life is no joke. God did not put us here to play the field..You grab something and hold on to it.

    But if one day you loose trust or hope in it, you grab something else and hold on to it!

    We attack people everyday for their beliefs! What do you think we have been doing here on this site, that makes interesting conversations. But when a person has no stand, you feel like you are talking to the wind (no one knows where it comes from or where it is going)!!

  49. Objective thought please do not judge me, because you don’t know me. I have voted for both PLP and FNM before, I have been disappointed by both parties. Right now, I have decided to sit on the fence until another party or until both parties makes some change that will impress me.

  50. Kim, I don’t even support Obie in his bid to become deputy leader of the PLP.. I personally don’t trust him…That’s where I agree with others who said that he is a fake.

    And I definitely don’t support Fred. I thought that he would have made a good chairman. Also I never supported Mrs. Martin to be chairperson either but that does not mean that I don’t support the PLP’s ideology…

    I have more respect for a person who can say that I am a FNM or a PLP etc. supporter but can also tell them when they are wrong or right freely.. I don’t really have much respect for people who pretend to play the middle when they know that they support a certain party…

  51. Objective thought stop taking things so personal. You are getting work up over nothing. Everybody is entitled to their opinion, if you want to support the PLP go ahead and support them. If others want to remain neutral because they are not impressed with FNM or PLP that is there business. You have no right to attack people for their views or belief.

  52. I do not support the homosexual lifestyle and I will continue to say that without fear! But that has nothing to do with a person being able to do their job..

    Many say that Fred (I never liked him personally but where ever he takes a stand he gives it his full support) is that way but what do I care, he takes his job seriously and in opposition he still keeps up to date with what is going on in his former job!

    There are many here who have never left this island who have gone in the way of homosexuallity because the ones that go off come back and impose their perverted views on others..My daughter always tell me about some of her teachers who try to do this on a daily basis…

    You are attacking me for sounding off on a few of your writers so how does that make you any better than me???

    If they make comments that I don’t agree with why can’t I refute them?? And you attack me for no reason. I am sure that all these persons here can defend their views. My poit is if you have no foundation to build on it is useles putting up the walls. I don’t agree with people who pretend to be neutral or open with nothing to stand on..They will be carrid away with the wind!!

    And if you don’t want me to express my views here on this site then just say it and I will move on.

  53. Objective thought I must admit you caught me of guard; I would never guess you were a man. You appear to be so intense and touchy and defensive when there is really no need, I would have sworn you were a woman. I just you were a woman who had a little crush on Obie, now I don’t know what to think.

  54. RAY RAY RAH RAH Ok now your here ‘Objective Thought’ let me say this, I don’t like when persons use bloggers on here as attack objects and try in doing so dis the comments made on here by BP media.

    If you think what we said about Obediah Wilchcombe, then face the judge on here in this court of Public Opinion, and address he BENCH (BAHAMAS PRESS/EDITOR) and don’t take casual hits out on individuals (LIKE KIM).

    Now what is so wrong about US calling OBIE A FAKE? Or are you suggesting we should CALL HIM A SNAKE in the PLP?

    Its your turn.

    BP/ Editor

    PS: We here your comments that, “in the Bahamas today we are overran by homosexuals because too many people go off to school with no solid beliefs stand on any issue and are easily targeted and recruited by that community!!”

    BUT let us add here, thousands more who have never step foot off this island to become educated and have found themselves in the same rot of having ‘NO SOLID BELIEF’ and are as GAY as the devil they worship!” Some both you and WOW love to defend!

  55. Just in case you all didn’t know, I do have a life outside of Bp! Next, I do work!

    Media, whatever you know and you keep it to yourself, is simply your problem. If you are man enough (oh yeah, I am a male man) spill the beans, inform me and the other readers! I dare you but I can assure you that it won’t be anything that I haven’t heard before…

    Produce the evidence pictures, video, audio etc otherwise there is no need to share hearsay, unless you were there on the scene!

    While in school, I was taught to stand for something or otherwise I would fall for anything and I took that advice…I am not saying that my views are always right or even make sense but they are mine and I stand by them. I will continue to defend and fight for what I believe in (ie. The PLP) untill I am convinced otherwise and if I am I will defend and fight for whatever position I take on!!

    But don’t get carried away on my political views because I defend and fight for whatever view I take on any issue. Whether it’s political, religious, social etc…

    If others would do the same, we would not have so much trouble in our beloved Bahamas. I have conversations with my FNM friends on many issues, sometimes we agree and sometimes we disagree and sometimes we leave each other stunned…I like talking with people who believe in what they are defending or believe in.

    In the Bahamas today we are overran by homosexuals because too many people go off to school with no solid beliefs stand on any issue and are easily targeted and recruited by that community!!

  56. Kim, the truth hurts, don’t worry about them. Obie has been trying to cover a number of secrets whilst going about planting stories on his colleagues and then jumping up in Parliament playing holier than thou. It is high time the real Obie Wilchcome is exposed. Pay back is fair play!!

  57. Well kim you talking about East Street South, you should see BAY STREET CENTRE! MY GOODNESS PRIME TIME SPACE downtown Closed their doors!

    areas where PIPE OF PEACE use to be CLOSED AND EMPTY!


  58. A few months ago, I was looking to relocate my store to a main road. I was not able to find anything available. I was so shocked, when I was driving along East Street South to see the amount of business that has closed their doors. Right now, my options are endless.

  59. BREAKING NEWS >>> 300 PLUS workers at the RIU hotel on Paradise Island are being laid-off…for renovations….




  60. As the song says Kim, “NO NOT ONE!….NO NOT ONE!!!!

    Oh wow, if they could only silence us, but this would involve too many writers, informants, sources and persons, some who work for them. LOL!!!! I LOVE IT!


  61. Media they still have not gotten back to you as yet, they know just why. I just finished talking to some of my police officer friends. They have confirmed my memory was right about Obie. Now these people who have called me a liar are welcome to do their own investigation on the matter.

  62. Some of them believe because I attack Hubert Ingraham, they conclude this is some PLP BLOG. And that is what the WUTLESS MEDIA ttold them. But they are as wrong as their WUTLESS thinking.

    WE HOLD NO SIDES in this, and we are prepared to bring CHANGE to this country.


  63. Notice KIM I am still waiting on WOW and OBJECTIVE THOUGHT lend their side. They know VERY WELL that my head does spin and between Christie and OBIE they share ONE THING IN COMMON, and I am BOLD enough to SPILL it on this blog!


    Bahamas Press / Editor

  64. I understand these politicians have people who worship them and you can not tell these worshippers of politicians anything. That is why this country is in the predicament we find ourselves in today, because these people refuse to open their eyes and see these politicians for who they really are. We keep electing these bunch of jokers to run our country and when everything get hackle up, everybody starts to blame the same jokers they put in place. We are citizens of this country and we should be allowed to discuss whatever we feel like discussing about anybody who is running for public offices.

  65. Media thank you for saying that. I have never come on here to spread any vicious rumour about anybody. I am so sick and tired of these one sided people. They are no better than those other wutless media. Once you bigging up people in their party all is well. Then you have some people coming on here saying whatever they feel like, but as soon as you say something they want to attack you. Whoever want to judge me, could judge me. I don’t have to answer to any of them for my life.

  66. Thanks Media. When you put yourself in public life and let it be known that you are seeking the highest office in this country, people should comment, not with lies but with truth. Obie has a very long history and although he thinks he has fooled some, he has not fooled most.We cannot continue to be an ‘anything goes’ society when it comes to politicians.

  67. Monique you are entitled to your opinion. You have a problem with my jokes or statements; I have a problem with you judging me and the others. So let’s call it even, okay!! I realize in life you will never be able to please everybody that is why I stop trying.

  68. Now, you people can see I have not joined the conversations for a while. But this recent squabble about character assassination has drawn my attention.


    Because if I have to tell you all what I think of OBIE Wilchcombe, it would move from character assassination to something worse. PLEASE ADVISE?

    Bahamas PRESS/ Editor

  69. Kim, I don’t think it is funny when you are assassinating people’s character. There is nothing Godly about that. We are supposed to be a Christian nation and we should respect persons who were put in the position to lead this country.

  70. You people on this site, really does make me laugh. you come on here and say whatever you feel like, but as soon as someone say something you do not agree with you start your attacks. Maybe you should make up a list of things that can be discussed, so we do not cross your lines.

    Objective thoughts- There are nothing objective about you. You can only think, talk, walk and sleep PLP. If somebody say something or even make a joke about a member of the PLP, right away you assume they have a problem with your party and it is a personal attack. These politicians should have been in the US, you think what we have to say is rough. They have made a whole movie about George W. Bush. You need to come out your shell and broaden you thinking.

    WOW! – Let the record be known I have never come on this site to spread malicious lies or rumour about anyone. When I talk about Obie beating up his sister, I said I vaguely remembered it. If I am wrong about it I am sorry, but this is something that can be investigated. Obie is a public figure and we were just discussing his temper and his stability, which I think is very important because in the next election Obie could be running for Prime Minister. You have on numerous occasions made statements without any proof. Now you seek to make someone a villain, how convenient for you.

    Monique Forbes-There is nothing wrong with a little humour. I think you are blowing things out of portion. You are being too judgmental. You have no rights to judge me and other persons who are probably just talking foolishness. If anybody is going to allow these jokes to cripple them, they need not be running our country. You are in no position to judge anybody; I believe that is God’s job.

  71. As a matter of fact, hold the PM to this high standard. Correct him when he is ranting and raving in Parliament for the whole world including our youth to see.

  72. Because people made a joke about a shirt? That make me senseless and disrespectful? What exactly did I say about his shirt anyway. I truly hope that you live your life to the high standard that would wish to hold others to, whether in the open or behind close doors.

  73. Wow I think it is a lack of respect toward our Prime Minister and I find your actions and the others senseless and disrespectful. As a Christian nation we should not be conducting ourselves in this manner.

  74. Monique, don’t get me wrong, jokes, sarcasm, and idle chatter are not the same as false accusations, and character assassination. To joke about an very, very, very ugly shirt is one thing, to falsely say you beat up someone and stole the shirt and pass it off as gospel is a totally different ball game.

  75. Wow Vincent Vanderpool Wallace is a man who knows how to separate his personal and professional life. I was not impressed when you, Kim and the others decided to talk about his personal life and make fun of it. This foolishness must stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Wow you seem to have come to your senses, that the same thing I was telling you and the others who wasted a whole week talking about our prime minister’s shirt. If you can change, there is still hope for the others.

  77. Objective though, I am normally in agreement or at least respect a lot of what the fine people above post, but I too was disappointed at how this topic spiraled out of control to accusations of mental illness and domestic violence. Is there any proof to any of this and not just second hand hearsay? When we stoop to this level, we are no better than John Marquis, The Tribune, or the Punch.

  78. Most of you just come on this site just writing what you think and not what you know which is the same reason why we have such a WUTLESS group running this country today!!

    Instead of writing NONESENSE, you all should find out the TRUTH first but as I can see that most of you are not interested in TRUTH!!

    Find solutions to our problems because empty barrels always make the most noise…

    How many of you are here and on other websites when you are getting paid to be working??? I can just imagine!!

    But you all seem good at pointing fingers though especially at the PLP because we all know that the FNM is perfect and does no wrong like one of you said, “Blame Bush for our problems” because he was voted in by the Bahamian people on May 2nd 2007!!

  79. Drama King Please be advised that Joe Blow and Joe are two different persons. Be that as it may, it is obvous that Mr. Wilchcombe works very hard to control his temper but he surely has one. He desperately wants one day soon to be Prime Minister of this country and so must play “the game” well if he is to succeed. I doubt he is bipolar though.

  80. I have heard people say that because of his drastic mood swings and temper tantrums. You first have to accept that you need help and then go get it, I am not sure he is at that point. I will tell you though based on stories I have heard from reliable sources his behaviour sometimes borders on the bizzare

  81. Joe I did not know he was bipolar, that might explain the reasons for his tantrums. Sometimes you see these people or you hear something about them and you don’t know what they are going through. My heart goes out to him; I had no idea he was dealing with a mental illness.

  82. Come on Drama king, I am sure you have heard people say Obie is bipolar! There has been a lot of people on the receiving end of that. He is the great pretender!!

  83. Drama don’t mind these people dress up and talking the talk ad walking the walk. You don’t want see these people behind close door. I have had the privilege of working with several of these MPs and all of them who I have worked with I have found to be false pretenders. I could tell you some stories that will make the hair on your arm stand up.

  84. Again I say “WHAT???”…I really am in shock about this. I never dreamed Obie was like that. How does a man get to the point of beating up his sister in adult life? That right there is just wrong.

  85. I might be wrong, but I think I remember vaguely Obie beating up his sister before. I also heard that Obie does throw some serious tantrum.

  86. WHAT????? Joe Blow, I am shocked to know that Obi has an explosive side to him. I always viewed him as smooth operator who had good control of his emotions. Man I am shocked.

    I’ve noticed the Pindling impersonating thing but its not consistent. He only does it sometimes.

    Thanks for the explanation Bennie and I do remember when Ping did that thing with the head. It was an attention grabbing antic. Ping was a tricky fellow and a good politician but there was a dark side to him as well.

  87. I think he does it as a stunt, the Obie I know does not appear to have any heros but himself.He is a faker so don’t buy into that. He is calm one minute and explosive the next and for the pettyist of reasons. Ask anyone at MOT they will tell you about the shouting matches heard coming from his office.

  88. Beenie I concord Obie tries to hard to be Pindling. There can only be one Sir Lynden Oscar Pindling and he is already deceased (may he rest in peace). Obie needs to realize that he will never replace Sir Lynden and he will always be an imitation. There is nothing wrong with having heroes and role model, but we all were put on this earth with a purpose to be our selves, not somebody else. We must find our own identity!!!!

  89. What I mean is that Obie trys to conduct himself like Sir Lynden when he speaks or address.Sir Lynden use to swing his he to the left and than the right with a slight pull up whenever he spoke. it was this thing that I thing capture a lot of person attention. There will never be another one like him. He was good.I donot support his party but he was good and learnt alot from him. Obie on track. Keep it up. A smooth operator.

  90. Drama King,
    I had that chance to work with the late PM and I must say that he was truely a sharp and interesting person who seem to capture and hold ones attention when ever he spoke weather it was the truth or a lie. He was trully a smooth operator. He must say that I see Obie trying his best to be Ping, Well he did had some time eralier in his career at ZNS to spend some time around him and a memner of the family. Boy he sharp. Think he would be a good one.

  91. Drama to be honest with you, I was confused as well when Bennie made that statement.
    I was thinking he was meaning Obie head looks more like Pindling’s head more from the the left, than from the right. When he said, “things going on well” I thought he felt that Obie was doing a good job with his impersonation of Ping. I agree with you Beenie needs to provide some clarity on this statement.

  92. Listen will either of you please explain the “Pingdom head to the left than right thing”…..LOLLLLL…..I need to know what that means

  93. Beenie I am happy that I was able to bring a smile to your face. Sometimes, when I read a topic or see a picture, I do get these hilarious or silly thoughts in my head and I enjoy sharing them with others. I know talking fool is a serious thing, but that is just me. I see nothing wrong with a little humour in life sometimes.

  94. Kim, Your comments brought a true smile to my face. These are some colourfull comments and it seem that you were truelly the fly on the walk. I must say that with Obie he seems to have the Pingdom head to to the left than the right thing going on well.

  95. You are absolutely right!! I guess we are suppose to agree with everything they say and they are to think FOR us. Stand your grounds!

  96. Thanks Drama these people believe they have the rights to tell you how to think and how to act. If these people was given the opportunity to rule this country, they would change it into a dictatorship country right away.

  97. Way to go Kim !! Let them have it !! Too many people come on this blog teling off others just because they dont share the same view.

    I think God made all of us different for a reason.

  98. Objective thought if you see me as an idiot or think my jokes are stale that is your opinion. The harsh reality is whatever you think of me really don’t matter at all, because I am a very objective individual who realizes that not everybody would find my jokes or what I have to say amusing, That‘s life!! If we all agree with each other there would be no need for anybody to say anything. Just for the record I am not a paid comedian, if you want real jokes then I suggest you go watch Comedy Central and even sometimes, their jokes are not that funny either. Maybe you can make your own jokes and entertain yourself.
    You have expressed your opinion of me and I just want to even things off by sharing my perception of you, I think you are very childish to get work up over some stale joke and I also see you as a PLP worshipper and a PLP watch dog. That’s how you know where everybody was. My kind advice to you is stop taking things to so seriously, especially when it comes to the PLP; they are not worth it!! You will give your stupid self a heart attack for nothing.

  99. The PLP would of still being in power had it not been for Perry Gladstone Christie. I think Perry could have done a better job in running this country, but as soon as he got in power it was like he lost his abilities to take the lead. Last election we did not have much of an option, which is why many persons decided to trust that biggety man again. They had forgotten the reason they had voted him out before. We must stop allowing ourselves to be taken advantage of by either the FNM or PLP. Bernard Nottage may have stand a chance in the next election, if he had kept his party The Coalition for Democratic Reform going, people would of taken him serious. Now that he has returned back to the PLP like a puppy with his tail between his legs, people are not comfortable with him being Prime Minister. I think we must rid ourselves of these old politicians and find some young blood that is ready to move this country to the next level.

  100. Maybe someone should inform Obie that Pindling dont need a Mini-Me…

    On the PLP’s plan…….I dont think they have one.

  101. Boy the PLP aint gat no money for a convention talking bout get us out a slowdown in the economy. Bahamian people wake up man it is a global recession everyone around the world is feeling it. I dont care how much investment the PLP brought and Hubert turn down nothing would of happen anyhow look at Ginn. We would of had major problems man. This is a wait and see thing and the best thing the government can do is provide for the people who don’t have it in these times. Stop trying to make this a political thing because it is not, no one could of seen this coming. BLAME BUSH.

  102. Can anyone tell us what the PLP plan is to get us out of the slowdown in the economy? Please do not bring up the need to continue old and defunct plans. Was it something new and innovative or just more pie- in- the- sky ideas?
    The little I heard was just a rehashing of “they should have” If only they would have”.
    Mr. Ingram does not leave the House when Sears gets uo to speak because he is afraid but because, just like me, he will not listen to his pompous,long-winded rehash of old “stuff” that had no meaning in the first place. As for Allyson, every time she speaks in the Senate, one just knows she is still in a state of shock that she lost her seat.

  103. Kim, you are full of it!!

    Alfred Sears was standing 4ft from where I was all night right next to BJ, Leslie and Brad!

    Shane had a party for his wife that same night so he was not there…I have no idea where Allyson was but she is definitely not in denial!

    When was the last time she walked into the Lower House and tried to take a seat next to the PLP MPs?? Don’t be an idiot..Your jokes are stale!!

  104. Poor Obie after all these years of mimicking Pindling and still have not mastered it. Why would Obie want to resemble Pindling anyway? Pindling method of leading the country is no longer in fashion. Obie needs to get out of fantasy land and get in touch with reality. We young people want some new leaders with new ideas!!

  105. Do you really want to know where these three bright and potential future leaders of PLP were? I will tell you; you may not like the answers, but I will tell you.

    Alfred Sears was somewhere planning innovative ways of attack Ingraham He was so busy getting his hands dirty digging up all the skeletal remains in Ingraham’s closet. What he has discovered is enough to have Ingraham running out the House of Assembly again!!!

    Shane Gibson was somewhere mixing up with the celebrities and trying to get in their bed, so he and his family could benefit from one of those celebrities again.

    Crazy woman Allyson Maynard Gibson was still counting them ballots over and over from the last election. I really feel for her. Poor woman she is still in denial!!

    How do I know these things? Well just call me the fly on the wall (lol).

  106. LOL! You are something else! Someone told me a story the other day that was told to him about Slick Willie Obie! He said that a friend of his hangs out at Obie’s house and Obie apparently plays tapes of Sir Lynden all day and locks himself in his room and imitates Pindling, trying to walk and talk like him. One thing he needs to remember, the Tribune had a love affair with Fred Mitchell years ago and then turned on him. Tribune aint no fan of Pindling. Obie is a fake!!

  107. Alfred Sears was there in the crowd. I don’t think Shane was there and Allyson was not there. At least we now have a 2 section party rather than a 5 section party we had just a few months ago.

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