Bimini swings its support to Philip Brave Davis for Deputy Leader of PLP


bimini-1<<< Candidate Brave standing in the boat house with Tommy and Ansil Saunders.

Nassau, Bahamas: Front-runner in the PLP Deputy Leadership race, Cat Island, Rum Cay and San Salvador MP Philip ‘Brave’ Davis, visited North Bimini this past Monday and Tuesday.

During his visit, Davis entertained private meetings with Party Stalwarts, as he seeks their support ahead of the upcoming convention, advising them his plans for the Party.

While on Bimini, the candidate also engaged a number of young people and youth groups as he made his trek across the community, as a means of garnering their views on matters of national interest and offer his own vision for their input. “The greatest challenge we (the PLP) have is the involvement of more young people” he said.  Turning to is own campaign Brave noted “That is why I recruited young people to work in my campaign.  The people running my campaign are young –this is the direction where we as a Party must go.”

Listening to the concerns of residents on the level of crime, Davis responded by outlining his plans to strengthen the administration of the judiciary. This effort he added, will reduce the time for cases to be heard and to intervene in the lives of at-risk youth.

Residents on the island were also keen to express their concerns about the destruction of the mangroves on that island as a result of a major development. The PLP Deputy Leader hopeful assured of his plans to follow-up the environmental concerns of Biminites with the B.E.S.T. Commission and other such agencies.

Since launching on August 4th, Davis has travelled throughout the country seeking meetings and door-to-door stops with PLP Stalwarts, Delegates and supporters ahead of the PLP Convention this October.


Brave Davis meets with Bimini PLP Stalwarts leading up to the convention.


  1. The Brave express is well on the way to winning the Deputy Leader nomination and from all indications it is over.The two Deputy Leader concept is dead and should not be introduced at convention.Brave is taking the Bahamas by storm and any attempt to dilute his authority will only weaken the PLP.Obie must let everyone know if he supports the stupid concept right away and then remove himself as the co ordinator of the convention.A new day is dawning but one that involves yesterday,because the PLP cannot forget its past for fear of repeating some of its mistakes.The well oiled Brave machine is proving that co ordination is certain to provide dividends.

  2. BP, the PLP convention is about 2 weeks away. Where is your “dark horse”? Is he/she scared, having second thoughts or changed their mind?

    Wasnt this “dark horse” suppose to (i am quoting you) “crush Christie”?

    Well they have about 2 weeks to put their names in the ring. I dont want to be guilty of speaking too soon, but it looks like you backed a dead horse!

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