Pinstripes fashion-ester RON PINDER called BP reports rumors – well, wonder what he saying now? Pinder AXED from Straw Market Authority just as BP said!

Pinstripe jacking up the PLP on day one! Ron Pinder talks down to the vendors and call them "Gamblers"! - What part a Communist Cuba this joker come from?

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Can someone please explain what is going on inside the new PLP government?

On Tuesday, the 23rd of April, the Cabinet of The Bahamas summoned Straw Market Authority Chairman, Ron Pinder, to a meeting at the Cabinet Office downtown.

At that meeting Mr. Pinder was informed that because of his poor treatment of the straw vendors , he was being removed from his position as chairman, effective immediately.

After that meeting Mr. Pinder went home, blackened his beard with shoe polish, then returned to the Straw Market and told the vendors angrily that they went and complained about him to Mr. Christie’s VICEROY and Deputy Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis but he has news for them: he “AIN’T GOING NOWHERE”!

By dismissing Pinder, the PM Christie and his trusted DPM Davis was answering the call of the vendors who threatened to march to Parliament if something was not done about Black Beard Pinder.

Since this meeting, where he should have pack his bags and head to the Registrar General’s office, Pinder became defiant. Stubbornly defiant just like NIB Director Algernon Cargill and fused to obey the orders handed down by the duly elected leader and Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas!


And in a twist of things Pinder ran to NB12 like any FNM worth their salt would and began attacking hardcore vendors in the Market. He told the FNM station that “he ain’t going no where”, and that our “RUMOUR” was a LIE! Oh? Really?

Black Beard Pinder has openly disobeyed the instructions of the Cabinet of The Bahamas, which is being led by the PM The Rt. Honourable Perry Gladstone Christie Christie.

Black Beard Pinder has refused to turn in the government car for the Chairmanship of the Market and – GET THIS – he has taken on the job at the Registrar General’s office weeks ago. And now the rude and disrespectful appointed chairman is attempting to holding down both posts. Is he being paid for both positions? While some PLPs who began with the GOLD RUSH TSUNAMI cannot get ONE! WHAT IN THE HELL IS DIS!

This is just one of the outright SINS now being committed by the PLP government against their own! The party – IF IT REFUSES TO CHANGE ITS COURSE – IS GOING TO PAY A HEFTY POLITICAL PRICE IN 2017!

Black Beard Pinder was overheard telling one of the vendors that he has more power than some of the elected members because of the after hours services he renders.

We do not know what those services are, but we heard that whatever is blackened in the chimney is blackened in the basement.

Black Beard Pinder now has the members of the board fighting against each other because he still tries to hold meetings and they are upset because he made them look as if they were a part of all his wheeling and dealing.


BP now sits and watches to see how this one unfolds and to see who really is in charge of this government.

We ga tell ya one thing; When he walks in the door of that AG office – ONLY ONE WOMAN IN CHARGE THERE – and she has never lost a fight!

We report yinner decide!

Straw Vendors connected to the PLP were overheard singing this song outside Black Beard Pinder’s Office DEDICATED TO THE PARTY!~