Blair resident Andre’ Cartwright was gunned down in his home this morning…


Police want 18-year-old Kevin Andrews of Faith Ave. in connection with this homicide…

44-year-old Andre' Cartwright is this morning's home invasion victim.

Nassau, Bahamas — This morning in the Blair Estates community gunshots rang out just after 1:40am, and after the gun battle was over the owner of the home was dead and one of the intruders was injured.

Police, we know, were called into the Richmond Ave. area in Blair where they found a homeowner suffering from gunshot wounds. Bahamas Press has identified the victim as 44-year-old Andre’ Cartwright.

We understand that while Cartwright and his family slept, he was awoken by a loud noise. Three persons unknown to the homeowner had kicked down the front western door of the home and entered in.

Cartwright grabbed his licensed weapon and begun aiming for the bandits. By the end of that gunbattle Cartwright was fatally shot dead. One of the gunmen was also shot to the chest. He had fled in a silver Honda Accord from the crime scene. A short time later that bandit showed up at the PMH. Police took into custody a female who refused to speak with officers. She is a resident of Rocky Pine Road.

Bahamas Press understands police are looking for 18-year-old Kevin Andrews in connection with this incident. He resides in the Faith Ave. section of New Providence. We want anyone who knows where he is to quickly turn him in. We warn his relatives; IF YOU KNOW WHERE ANDREWS IS REPORT HIM IMMEDIATELY TO THE AUTHORITIES!

We report yinner decide!