Bloody Sunday as three murdered in just hours apart…


12th murder under the Paradise Island Bridge where locals and visitors gather!

12th homicide victim is Mally of Sunshine Park.

BP BREAKING NASSAU, POTTER’S CAY DOCK| Live video and footage from under the Potter’s Cay Dock are now coming in from the ground at the country’s 12th homicide Sunday evening.

This latest incident records the 3rd slaying for the day in what is being described as ‘BLOODY SUNDAY’!

The victim we are learning goes by the first name Mally aka “WET MONEY” of Sunshine Park.

Mally was near an eatery just under the Paradise when he was fatally shot in the head by another man, who fled the scene into the dark of night.

The incident records the 4th homicide since Saturday morning when a man, Exantiz Exavier, was fatally shot by two men at a Haitian Village off Cowpen Road. The second victim was shot around 9am outside a store on Balfour Ave. in Englerston. The third was killed just an hour later while retrieving water from a depot on Miami Street and Robinson Road. All victims were fatally wounded with serious deadly high-powered weaponry designed and manufactured outside the country.

Crime appears to be spiralling out of control with a constant narrative by authorities that it is trending downwards, when in fact many crimes like rape to gun crimes are not being reported at all.

Meanwhile, as all this mayhem, massacre, bloodletting and carnage hits the streets of the capital – The Prime Minister MOST HONOURABLE EVER has in online circulation the horse and pony show of the FNM announcing its rallies for Nassau Village this week, and Grand Bahama on the 22nd. Why are they rallying again – isn’t elections three years away? They are in power!

Anyway, we report yinner decide!