Bodie warned by police to GO and sin no more!


carmichael-division<<< The Carmichael Road Police Station where Bodie was booked yesterday under heavy police security.

Nassau, Bahamas Orthand Bodie Jr. host of the popular talkshow Real Talk Live on More 94FM was arrested and was detained for questioning by police.

Bahamas Press can confirm Bodie was arrested and taken into custody at the Carmichael Road police station following statements police say was a threat to NATIONAL SECURITY!

Some 12 officers of the Central Detective Unit surrounded the More 94FM studios and ordered Bodie to get into the car. Bodie was search and his home was ransacked as police made a careful search of his property. BP can confirm the incident brought Bodie to tears as he accepted his comments on air were irresponsible and was an outright LIE!

Last week while on air Bodie called for Bahamas Press to be sued and for all our editors to be thrown into the slammer. His threat to us backfired, and we were sorry for him when we got the news he was in theBIG PLACE. BP immediately raised our terror alert to orange as we have become concerned with democracy in The Bahamas. All of a sudden when Editors are not getting fired Broadcasters are being hauled before police for questioning, something must be wrong with this picture unfolding in the country.

However, we know today all is well with Bodie and today he has wiped away his tears and is back on the air.

And while police told us they held Bodie for questioning we find this ordeal incredible. When Peter Carey was bringing in residents of the US into Nassau on the Sunday before the Elizabeth by-election to vote in the Elizabeth by-election, NOT ONE OFFICER arrested him.

Bahamas Press has evidence of this crime orchestrated by highranking officials in the Ingraham Government. And will report details to BP readers shortly.


  1. LOL…You know what is ironic about this same situation?  A couple of months ago BODIE was all over his show beating up on Picewell for announcing that Pleasant was a free woman over the airwaves.  He said that Picewell should have known better and he complained that the judge only gave Picewell a slap on the wrist.  Now look what happens when the shoe is on the other foot.

  2. DIEHARD PLEASE, PLEASE watch the language PLEASE for the sake of others, PLEASE!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  3. NCI, you spend all your time on BP looking for people to attack and if your time was not consumed on BP you would of understood the humor in that honestly comment.

    Please take a walk outside there is fresh air out there, the sun is shining and please take note of the other people around who do not sleep eat and drink the red and gold colors.

    Get a life Sir you are too consumed with foolishness for me to engage with any further discussion with you.

  4. Y’all leave ncl Smith alone! He is doing a great job of turning people  OFF of the FNM! That is the same “tow the party line”, Ingraham is right even when he dead wrong, I name Elizabeth Estates after my grammy, attitude that will do them in when elections are called.

  5. @Ncl for somone who’s party is in power u seem hell bent to fnm plpize every blogger beacause they refuse to follow Mr Brash i would fire my ma well sorry the world doesnt spin that way different people have different views for every insult you hurl at christie an alternative may be retorted in relation to ingraham you just need to accept that and move on …….I really sympathise with you as u can feel that fnm on rocky footing……youll make up your minds as regards the illegal migration issue yet ? what bout the debt near 4 billion? what does it mean not to go to court? is it huberts twin that is headed to contest citizenship eligibility? what is it to be ncl we the people want to know

  6. The police must be just started tuning into Bodie Show aye? If I could recall correctly, he was always bragging to his listeners about knowing where to purchase guns. I don’t know why he would want to lie about such a thing given our high crime statistic, unless he was doing it for his ratings and this still was in poor taste. All the time he been there talking about these guns, the police been letting it slide and they aint never follow him up, the minute he gone expressed his dissatisfaction about the government performance and dissed Hubert the police could take what he been saying all the long serious all of a sudden. They could find twelve officers plus trans to arrest him in and you know every time you call the police they aint never have no cars available. Boy I tell ya, this democracy for you now.

  7. OK so now im seein some stuff on here thats pissin me off. so before i pull a bodie and tell ncl smith bout his stink u know what i will do drink some “jack thompson” a mean jack daniels. hahahahaha
    yawl only hatin on bodie cause he decent. and yawl stinkin slack bahamians dont like hear the truth. but HA.. Bodie gone keep exposin yawl slack hip.

  8. Bodie is day time trash…any grown man who has to go on radio and talk about what kinda panties he wife wear and how much time he has sex with her is an idiot.  he likes to make predictions, but couldn’t predict he would mess himself up again.  this has nothing to do with politics. he is simply an ***! and russell johnson, get a life and a job

  9. Was 12 policemen needed to arrested one short big mouth man?

    I think they are trying to put the fear of God in Bodie because he is always lambasting the government.

    I am glad that he showed he is plenty man and admitted his wrong doings.

    I also hope he did not need a lawyer because he is the only honest lawyer in this town.

    • WOW, Bodie is an honest lwayer.. Green Tea, I guess you do not understand the meaning of HONEST… now lets me educate you…. A lwayer who admits that he played GOOD Cop bad Cop, who took money from his clients, who smoked more coke then what his bodie can take… That is an honest lawyer to you.. I now see that what ever you say on this site can be dismissed as dishonesty…NOW let me add this.. say it is not so.. YOU ARE A PLP right ???

      • Are you a racist?Do you know that PAPA was a PLP?Are you aware that you are a jak…?Are you the same person who PAPA did not allow to become Chairman bcos he felt you were dishonest?Each time you make a contribution I realise that you are stationed at FNM HQs.I guess you are paid to make nonsensical contributions all day.Stop letting persons use you and make you an as…You never have anything to add to the conversation and make me sick.

        • Russell Johnson, please get a grip… Bodie is completely dishonest and anyone who stands up for him needs to have their haed examined.. and I guess you are now apart of that dishonest crew.. FOR sure that is why you are so comofrtable as a PLP.. right ????

  10. Bodie is an ***!! he likes to get on radio and demonize the same people that he is trying to invite on his show. why do you think he never has any guests?? what is even more silly, is that when he has a guest, he has to knock the person up for money and force them to donate to some charity or give someone a job etc. he is a jungalist ass fool! his days on the radio are numbered and he should have been arrested…he know where the gun is…u want buy a gun? what a stupid jackass of grown man.

    • Diehard, keep up with that foul language and you will find your self outside the room. This site is rated G.

      Bahamas Press/Editor

  11. Ortland was totally irresponsible with his comments and admitted as much.  Perhaps in future he will restrain himself and think before speaking. 

  12. How come they wated time to arrest this man who was only being sarcastic. When will some of  these politicians and government heads be arrested? Monies seemingly disappear from different government ministries and there is no one to account. WOW

    • While I do agree that Bodie was very irresponsible in what he said, this did not warrant him being taken to a police station and having his house searched,I think this was done to teach him to stop mouthing off  on his show, beause some things he say about the Prime Minister and his cabinet is disrespectful this was victimization to the fullest ,and Mr. Greenslade and his officers abusing their power, go find some real criminals, hold some more road blocks, Nassau is the worst Island in the Bahamas to live on, have police officers more presnt on the steets especially at night, so i can feel safe in my home and on the streets, TOTALLY A WASTE OF TIME, Please Mr. Greenslade Find the Real Criminals! By the way your Officers should be Commended for the Quick apprehension of Crimals in recent time, so continue to rid the streets of these punks, Bodie just talks  too much and always gets carried away. Thank you Sir!

  13. Yup this was a waste of the taxpayers money. Luckily bahamians aint stupid enough to believe it was anything more than victimization.
    The police need to arrest themselves for the bullmess that they are guilty of.
    Shame on greenslade. He is proving us correct. He is one big red puppet on papa string.

  14. He went to Carmichael first and then was taken to CDU. I thought you were a student in the USA, how do you know these things?. 

    • I glad you response to me.. with ya sorry self… Bodie and every thing is available via the Internet… ZNS is now on line.. you are on line.. do not be a clown as you are.. bbe sensible… you silly son of a don…

  15. BP, so full of misinformation  cannot even get this story right… BODIE was not at the carmichael Road Police station…

    BO, stop the lies.. get the facts…

    • I heard Bodie say that he was at the Carmichael Road Station on his show this morning, u get the facts right

      • CJ you think we have time to respond to a peanut head like NCL? We report and he is free to decide.

        Bahamas Press/Editor

  16. I hate to dwell in conspiracy theories, but this stinks of victimization.  Bodie was extremely critical of the FNM government on the show yesterday, it’s Leader and Deputy, and the Minister of National Security.  He blamed Symonette for the incident with Laura.  Then he is arrested for some statement he made about purchasing a gun?  Come on now people, anybody who regularly listens to his show would have heard him make this very same statement at least once a week since he started his show.  It took them all this time to pick him up and question him?  Some things are just to obvious to be coincidences.

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