Bold Bahamian Thieves Breaking into an establishment on Village Road



  1. I just had to share this quote by retired ArchBishop Gomez of the Anglican church in a release dated 17/07/07 in the bahamas journal,when speaking about Urban renewal,

    “Secondly, I supported it because it was something Bahamian. For the first time in our history we were looking at ourselves and seeking a Bahamian solution to a Bahamian problem and to me that spoke volumes.”

    Wow young persons in our country need change and the program though not the panacea at least offers some hope.

  2. I hope this is taken to the authorities and the evidence is also viewed before the courts. They do not need a bail it is evident that they know right from wrong. Just look how he pauses when a car passes by and the other person sits low so that he/she cannot be seen.

  3. That’s right put their a** all over the net, somebody should be able to identify them. I wish I did know who they were and where they live, I would have taken a delight in calling the police.

  4. BP hand this tape over to the Police this is some good evidence.These person don’t need to be on the street during the Christmas.

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