BP believes Bethell's story of Ingraham’s mongrel-like behaviour


Nassau, BahamasCheryl Grant –Bethell, we believe, has good and valid reasons to file her affidavit before the Supreme Court of the Bahamas as she accused Hubert Ingraham of threatening to assault and endanger her with bodily harm following a meeting.

In her documents filed on Thursday, Bethell recorded a hostile Ingraham who threatened to, “Bloody my face…abolish my post and retire me in the public interest”, if she failed to accept a position offered to her by the Judicial & Legal Services Commission [JLSC].

Ingraham denied Bethell’s account of the meeting stating that at no time had he offered her any ambassadorial position nor did he invite her at any meeting. However, when the matter was first raised in the House of Assembly the PM did indeed confirm meeting with Bethell several times to assure her of his support. He noted that he then in a subsequent meeting, advised her that he had “good and valid reasons” why he could not support her appointment as Director of Public Prosecutions. The post  by law can only be appointed to an applicant following reviews by JLSC and not the PM.

The public row now raises questions as to how deep is the influence of the Executive over the judiciary and raises concerns as to the level of meddling into judicial matters that are being done by the PM. The brawl also poses questions to the PM’s irate violent behaviour towards women at a time of national crisis where cold-blooded murderers are engaging in the most heinous crimes known to mankind in the country.


Bahamas Press believes the temper tantrums of the PM have gone far too long unchecked and we believe the encounter with Bethell has crossed the line of decency. Ingraham’s Mugabe-style behaviour is not new and only a WUTLESS MEDIA in the Bahamas is having amnesia over his record.

BP remembers Ingraham’s tirade and disgraceful spectacle on a stage at Clifford Park when he fired in a crowd of almost 10,000 citizens Lady Russell and Steve McKinney; telling them both “Go find ya own ZNS”.

The memory lost by members of the WUTLESS MEDIA in this town also fails to remember the collapsing of former FNM Senator, Roston Miller, who fell almost to his death with a massive heart attack following a cussing tirade by Ingraham right in the office of the Prime Minister.

The ‘face bludgeoning’ arguments by Ingraham could also be remembered when he committed a drive-by; firing on the former Chairman of Bank of Bahamas, Alfred Jarrett. Did anyone remember how he made his temper outburst to Algernon Allen, Pierre Dupuch Tennyson Wells? Perhaps some would remember how he told Lester Turnquest to be out of the government’s office by sundown and had the former minister of state to catch a ride from the Sir Cecil Wallace Whitfield building in Cable Beach.

We believe Cheryl Grant-Bethell’s claims 100%. The actions described by her are indeed those of the Prime Minister who is mean and mean-spirited. His ugly mongrel-like attitude is unwelcome to those who sit in public life who represent Bahamians around the world.

We believe he has brought disdain to the Office of Prime Minister in this country and ought to HANG HIS HEAD DOWN IN SHAME FOR HIS NASTY ROGUE ATTITUDE towards women. It is no wonder the pack of women beaters sit on his side in the Parliament. They are shameless men who do not possess any respect for women!



  1. Truth, You have resorted to calling the young professional and well qualified lady all manner of names.You are just like Mugabe Ingraham. I believe her based on Ingraham’s past behaviour as outlined by BP. She has exercised her right as a Bahamian, she is seeking redress through the courts as is every citizen’s right to do so. She, I believe, would respect the ruling of the court. At least let her have her day in court. The only Jumgalist here is Ingraham. He has a wife and daughters. How would he like for someone to bloody their faces, destroy their career and retire them in the public interest?. Hubert is a Mongrel.

  2. She’s lieing and she looks like a junglis. Something is not right with her story. And from what i understand is that John Delaney didnt want her to get in from the beginning. Yes Ingraham was originally going to give her the position but he said he found out some damaging information about her and he didnt want to say what it is. Which is THE RIGHT THING TO DO because it wouldve destroy her REPUTATION. But she has been digging up the story for over TWO MONTHS every WEEK and now last week she said that Ingraham said XYNZ why come to the table with this information NOW?… SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT. She dnt seem like a PROFESSIONAL she seems like a undercover jungles. But notice Ingraham DID NOT SAY why he didnt hire her because it wouldve defame her but notice who BROUGHT UP HER NAME IN THE HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY. Someone on the OPPOSITION for Ingraham to say that the woman name was mentioned here today. SOMETHING JUST DONT SOUND RIGHT WITH THAT STORY!.

  3. @Truth is correct.

    The whole scenario sounds made up, conveniently without any witnesses to validate. It’s nice that she worked for 20+ years, but she should get over the fact that she did not get the promotion that SHE felt she deserved, as she was clearly not entitled to it. It’s too bad that she must be in such a weak minded state to allow others to manipulate her create such a silly story. There is absolutely nothing to gain, since she still has a good job, if she would just take it.

    A made up story without witnesses is certainly not enough to have PAPA resign…Lol. Time to move on to more important issues, like creating private sector jobs so people can take care of themselves and cutting Government entitlements and other expenses.

  4. Brother Johnson, what Ingraham said or did not say to this lady will become a relatively insignificant footnote in the fullness of time. Can’t you see that she is being used as a pawn by the Ingraham detractors? If she is not careful, the real reasons for not getting the job will be made known and these very people who are egging her on will drop her like a hot potato. She has not handled this issue well at all. She had real attractive options in this whole transition period, even turning down on offer by the Port Authority which is a really posh job. She chose to beat a dead horse, and in the end, she will not come out of this looking pretty.

  5. Something is NOT right about her story 1. Why bring these allegations out two months or so when she tried to be on JCN News every week since. 2. How can Ingraham send her to be ambassador any part of the world she requires that just dont sound legit. 3. Tell me who in their rightful mind wont take the job she got children and if she took the job they couldve live much better for little work and paid by the government.

  6. Rodney Moncur and his cohorts only need come here to see why Murderers get bail so easily.Criminals can now be expected to get applause whenever they push a gun in someones face bcos if you follow the rules of EAGLE thats “gentle persuasion”.What bull..PAPA has been caught with his pants down and some are attacking the whistleblower.You PAPA apologist better read through Mrs Bethel s affidavit again to recognise that there is a smoking gun other than he say,she say.Get your pampers bcos PAPA will have to resign or be forced out by some in his own party when more facts are known.The bully has met his match Gary and Felix and PAPA will be moving on as a disgraced former PM.

  7. Eagle, there are not too many persons in or outside of HAI cabinet who has the guts to stand up to him and kudos to the tough iron lady – Ms.Cheryl Grant Bethel. (I believe many of HAI MP’s are enjoying this)

    Our PM is a rude and biggety man and has no respect for anybody. I often wonder when he gets up in the HOA, if he remembered to take his tablet and many times it is quite easy to tell.

    Mckenzie – I agree with you on the mental state of our PM.

  8. Oh, I believe Ingraham said it alright. That’s the way power brokers get what they want. It is called “gentle persuasion”. Look, we need a TOUGH Director of Public Prosecutions. Someone who is not prone to crying when their feelings get hurt. Someone who can take the blows and roll with the punches. This is the real would, people, and prosecutors go to war against the toughest of the tough on behalf of the people. By her own admission, Grant-Bethel is a cry-baby who can’t take the heat.

  9. Speaking of “mental disorder”, I believe that Ms.Cheryl Grant Bethel in not accepting the results of her APPLICATION for the post displays a state of denial that is being supported by those who dislikes the hon. Hubert Ingraham! Remember it was Ms. Bethel who advised that she is seeking medical treatment.I BELIEVE THAT WHO EVER HOLD THE POST OF PRIME MINISTER OF OUR BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY SHOULD ALWAYS BE RESPECTED.

  10. It is with DEEP sorrow that i must EXCUSE mr.Hubert Alexander Ingraham’s behaviour.It is MY OPINION from observing mr.Ingraham’s actions and his FLIP FLOPPING words that mr.Ingraham is suffering from a MENTAL DISORDER.Some one in the governing party MUST ADVISE their fellow cabinet members to have the prime minister SEEK MEDICAL TREATMENT AND APPOINT AN ACTING PRIME MINISTER until he is mentally well.

  11. Ms Cheryl Grant Bethel by her own admission was offered an alternate job. She should get over not getting the promotion and move on with her life!THERE ARE THOSE MANY IN THIS COUNTRY WHO COULD ONLY DREAM OF GETTING A JOB!

  12. The chickens have come home to roost and we are on the verge of seeing a PM having to resign bcos of his biggety style.Any Bahamian who does not believe the account of Grant is insane.PAOPA is known for saying stupid things and bcos we have many cowards in our midst it is dismissed as just being his style of leadership.PAPA better come clean and explain what he meant as for the first time during his tenure there is a legitimate challenge.If it barks like a dog,carries on like a dog its a dog.

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