BP calls for a NATIONAL BOYCOTT against Sandals Royal Bahamian as investigations continue


Since our earth shattering revelation at Sandals Royal Bahamian two Sundays ago, the company has decided to go after employees like Hitler went after the Jews.

Without any true evidence, we have learnt the company which racks up frequent flyer miles for the PAPA, has decided to step up its game against Bahamians at the resort and has taken on the plans fire more of us.

Bahamas Press
now calls for a NATIONAL BOYCOTT against the hotel in Cable Beach and we call on the Prime Minister, Hubert Alexander Ingraham, his quiet Minister of Labour, Dion Foulkes, and all government agencies to investigate the concerns at the resort published by this website.

Here's the man who is selling all of the wealth of the Bahamas to the foreigners - Hubert 'MUGABE' Ingraham.

Stacy Mackey was fired from Sandals on Tuesday of this week as they suspected her to be one that leaked information to Bahamas Press.

Management at the resort we are told has since, moved aggressively into searching computer systems of employees, in hopes to threaten persons who they feel are responsible for the leak to BP.

Following our revelations we know Ingraham, Foulkes and the big chiefs out of Jamaica were this week at Sandals Cay discussing matters we published and having meetings on more plans at the resort. WE WILL PUBLISH THOSE DETAILS SOON.

Some tell us this us perhaps this is why he [INGRAHAM] could not show up at BAHAMAR’s opening, and some say because of further meetings he did not attend the funeral services for the late police officer, Basil Dean.

BP further advises hoteliers, Unions and all concerned to pay full attention to our presentations in the next coming days and we promise they will not be kind.



  1. Someone previously mentioned credibility? That word doesn’t belong in the same sentence as the Bahamas Press… the “real” news, lol! Now that’s rich. Any reasonably intelligent person whose sees this site will take it with a grain of salt. Its clearly obvious that it is little more than some jacka$$ posting ignorant, one-sided, self-ritious rants and propaganda from the seclusion of their mom’s basement. So… rant-on! You freakin’ moron!

  2. Leaking corruption is protected as “whistle blowers” in the USA. THis ensures that corruption is kept in check

  3. @FELIX….I’m glad the union bosses support BTC employees and are trying to make sure they keep making those good salaries instead of the money going to UK share holders pockets. THANKS TO ALL SUPPORTERS…
    Lets keep or moneymaking company and keep profits in our own Treasury.

  4. you Bahamians need to stop talking about people taking your jobs, because there are Bahamians working all over the world, just accept the fact that this world is a global village and employers will take the most qualified to help their companies, so get qualified

    • Keep believing that piece of crap. YOU need to get the HELL outta this country, and go back to where YOU came from, before Bahamians really wake up and realize whats going on here; and how much of a SELL OUT this FNM government really is. This FNM government and YOU can catch the same flight OUT!!!

      • Poor you I am not even in your country, I employ some Bahamians here lol, you need Jesus, all land belong to God, before you there were the indians

        • Good . . . then that flight out won’t be necessary. Understand – the workings of a “Global Village” should NEVER be imposed on a “developing” nation; it would result in its people becoming second class citizens in their own country. The Cayman Islands is a very good example of this where expatriates/foreigners practically run the country. This is ludicrous!!! “Global village” is best suited for developed nations like the US, where Bahamians do work, but Americans OWN and RUN their country. Yes we all need Jesus . . . and based on your premise – someone should tell Realty Companies and governments to stop selling God’s Land for income. As for you – OBEY the LAWS of the LAND, and your temporary stay will be seamless.

          • I am not sure of your sources but as far as I know the Cayman island people run their own country, however they employ skilled people around the world to build up their economy. I understand your point about developing nations, however the solutions to that is for your people to get themselves qualified, I know many qualified Bahamas who are doing well in the Bahamas and around the world, they do not feel threatened because they can get many jobs.I have been to the Bahamas many times, beautiful country and wonderful people. I notice however that the Bahamians who do not travel tend to be more prejudice and less open than those who don’t. As for me I obey your laws as long as it does not conflict with the laws of God.I can stay in the Bahamas a long as I want because both party leaders have given me that permission.

    • Nicole Martin came to the people saying she had their best interest at heart.BUT WE ALL KNOW SHE IS JUST ANOTHER POLITICAL HACK.LIKE CLEOLA HAMILTON AND THAT EVANS MAN.

  5. All I have to say is TODAY FOR ME, TOMORROW FOR YOU. When good men do not expose the wrong in the world EVIL will continue to flourish.Hats off to the wikileakers. If Sandals is doing nothing wrong, they should have NO PROBLEM WITH BEING TRANSPARENT!!!!Bahamians presson, and ignore the NAY SAYERS. They never wanted slavery to be abolished any way.Ya bunch of Uncle Toms, GET SOME BACKBONES

  6. Some of yinner on the other hand just like them damn WUSS siding with Ingraham on the sale of BTC! Yinner would sell ya ‘mah’ for fifty cents, ya sister for quarter and ya damn brother for free! YINNER GAT NO DAMN SHAME!

      • But Altec its the truth! Its the DAMN TRUTH! Where in the world you know a every key post could be taken over by a foreigner. Chinese hired, BAHAMIANS FIRED and these JACKASSES AGREED?


      • Man Altec if you think that one is funny wait til you see the one I have some them crew. YOU GA LAFFF! Man I woke up this morning Laughing in my bed at this one. It ga take the country by storm soon.


  7. These people can’t be serious in some of the comments that they make. “Beware” for if you think about speaking up for what is fair and just the Boogy Man is gonna get you. What a big fat joke. Mr Dion Foulks, instead of him focusing on comments people make and being the public relations officer for the FNM, he needs to focus on his Ministry,where people are being fired for no reason at all while foreigners are being brought in and replacing us. Then again for some of our people, don’t see a problem and judge us harshly when and if we speak out, until it happens to them. Think People!

  8. What else is new, people were fired at Sandals once Obie Ferguson and the TUC moved into the picture, notice folks wherever mr. Ferguson goes people are fired or let go or lay off. BEWARE hotel workers and all who are considering forming a union, Mr. Ferguson is bad news.

  9. I’ve already seen this job advertised in the tribune today stating ‘Bahamians’. You saying that every Bahamian should keep their jobs regardless of what they do?? Articles like this cost you credibility.

    • We assure you MIKE the woman fired has nothing to do with the information shown to us. BUT GUESS WHAT? YOU ALL GA SEE SOON! AND YOU GA SEE WHY THEY CLEANING HOUSE!

      Some of yinner on the other hand just like them damn WUSS siding with Ingraham on the sale of BTC! Yinner would sell ya ‘mah’ for fifty cents, ya sister for quarter and ya damn brother for free! YINNER GAT NO DAMN SHAME!


  10. “Leaking” company information that may be detrimental to the operation/ revenue of the company may be considered insubordination and contrary to the employee – employer contractual agreement, which can cause an employee to be dismissed.

    Why should there be a boycott of this fine establishment when workers are doing this nonsense? You want to penalize a business for doing what is reasonable? That worker should be ashamed!

    • rubbish no company is above a country intimidation will not last we are very faithful to this company, every other month we have to make up for bad treatment of guest that was badly treated in jamaica by showing them what hospitality is all about.
      people should boycott until you can explain why there is so much foreigners on your rosters we are tired of your contempt.

      you have more rooms your prices have gone up your staff went down but we got paid more in the beginning when it was smaller explain.

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