BP calls on the NATION TO REACH FOR THE GOLD! PLP Jobs Summit Opens TONIGHT!


Nassau Bahamas — It is no question in the life of every country, there is a call that redefines a nation, and we at Bahamas Press believe that call is upon us. We BELIEVE that mission to divine purpose is today being guided by a MIGHTY HAND directing our people to look into a different direction and REACH FOR THE GOLD!

WE BELIEVE the time is upon us to invoke new hope that will INSPIRE our people; battered with anger and bitten with pain.

WE BELIEVE the time is upon us to redirect our course and sent sail our tiny island nation on a course of new dreams anchored with EMPOWERMENT!

We BELIEVE the time is now for the country to elect a government, which knows and understands that people are far more important than things. Far more important than road, far more than dredged harbours and special interests.


We BELIEVE the time for PROGRESS IS UPON US, where NO son or daughter shall be left behind. It is time to march in that GREAT JOURNEY to UPLIFT OUR PEOPLE TO A PLACE OF PROMISE ONCE AGAIN! Rescuing them from pain and conflict inflicted by an OUTGOING FNM government!

We BELIEVE it is time for all of us to ease the pain and offer them an escape from the jaws of poverty and despair. It is time for us to strengthen the weak, lift up the fallen, engage the faithful and encourage the thousands lost in hope! IT IS TIME FOR US TO BELIEVE IN THE BAHAMAS ONCE AGAIN!

With the loud voices of BUTLER, HANNA, PINDLING all ringing in our ears this morning we can hear them all say “LET US BELIEVE IN THE BAHAMAS”!. Bahamas Press in a stoke of EDITORIAL BACKING, unlike the Tribune, publicly call on all passionate citizens to join the Progressive Liberal Party tonight where hundreds will gather at a JOBS and EMPOWERMENT SUMMIT AT WORKERS HOUSE on the Tonique Darling Highway formally Harrold Road….Event starts at 7:00PM….REACH FOR THE GOLD!



  1. I’m tired of politicians trying to stuff garbage down the throats of the Bahamian people promising things they know full well they can’t deliver. I have watched the PLP try to tear down everything the current government does whether good or bad. They have spent the last 3 years doing nothing but make noise and make fools out of themselves and yet they ask the Bahamian people to have confidence in them. I am not saying that I am totally pleased with the current government or am I convinced that more cannot be done but anyone with half a brain will notice that what we are experiencing is global and biblical and the measures to at least stabilize the economy being put into place here, are only a mirror image of what is being done around the world. So someone please explain to me how the PLP intend to change all this as a matter of fact if they have the ” the golden egg in hand” why haven’t they partnered with the government to further help the BAHAMIAN PEOPLE is that what it’s all about helping the people or isn’t it? DNA if they had enough experience collectively to run 1 constituency i would be more confident in their ability. Personally I feel that between the three parties we barely have enough wisdom, integrity and tenacity to creat one good party. But I am only one opinion however the day I can go to a political rally that doesn’t consist of pom poms free shirts loud music and can hear from an honest hardworking selfless group of politicians or would be candidates I would gladly place my vote in their favor. Enough of the divide and conquer and playing on the emotions or ignorance of the people time for real governance.

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