Worshipful Master murdered to be burried this coming Saturday at 11AM


Marvin Kerr, a Worshiful Master in the Lodge, was executed by bandits just outside his home in Garden Hills. No where is safe and Tommy Turnquest, Hubert Ingraham and members of the Corrupt Incompetant Judiciary have allowed the released of hundreds of harden crimials back into the society. Since 2007 more than 400 residents have met their fate by the hands of COLD KILLERS!


Nassau, Bahamas — Funeral plans for Worshipful Master, Marvin Kerr are set for this coming Saturday at 11AM at the Church of God Auditorium on Joe Farrington Road.

A Memorial Service will be held on Friday at 7:00 at Lodge Hall, Blue Hill.

Kerr, the brother of Providence Advisors boss, Ken Kerr, became the country’s 102 murdered victim. Marvin was gunned down outside his home in Garden Hills last week. His murder has imaged the Bahamas on the world stage as the modern day KILLING FIELDS!

Marvin headed the St. James Lodge #3 on Kemp Road.


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