BP endorses David Cameron as PM for UK!



David Cameron, the next PM for the UK!

London – Bahamas Press will now ENDORSE Briton’s Opposition Leader, David Cameron, as the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Outgoing Prime Minister Gordon Brown is set to announce the dates for the anticipated general elections as that nation plunges into another recession before the world could get out the first. The news comes only 24 hours before Brown announces the election date.

Now if you have been following the House of Commons as we have been doing every Wednesday you would have seen our candidate in his best form; probing the government on every turn and making Brown look like a conductor who has no skill in music. We shall send Cameron to #10 Downing Street and shall seat him as the next player in world politics.

Cameron is young, energetic, insightful, and smart. He is a straight shooter on the issues. He does not dither nor is he stalling when it comes to making unpopular decisions. Here’s a man who has cut down and forced into the political wilderness members of his own Conservative Party for engaging in unethical behaviour; THAT’S WHAT WE NEED! From the day Tony Blair demitted office Cameron has called on the Labour Party to ring the bell and we cannot be happier to know the bell will toll.

The British people have become weaker under the Labour Party. They have abdicated their grip of world power to the EU. There is more unemployment in GB with massive collapses in the business sectors. To put it blunt, the British people are the poorer thanks to the Labour government.

Prime Minister Brown on Monday will seek HR Queen Elizabeth’s approval to dissolve Parliament. We believe the royals are also ready for CHANGE.

As it comes BP you should know will lay a vicious blow on the Labour Party for their dastard record in managing the economy of the ‘Motherland’. We will spare no rod on them for going to Iraq; slaughtering hundred British sons at war. The Labour Party deserves what the Republicans received in 2009 – a vicious cut-you-know-what from the people. They drove the world in the most painful recession not seen since the GREAT DEPRESSION and for this a termination of its contract with the British people is fitting. Bahamas Press will make that exercise the reality in this election and shall join Cameron in the fight to restore a sense of HOPE once again for the people in that part of the world.

We advise all British citizens around the world to VOTE DAVID CAMERON AND THE Conservative Party! We ENDORSE him as the next PM of the UK! We along with the people of CHANGE will have it no other way. This one will be for the GREAT IRON LADY OF BRITISH POLITICS!

BP invites you to listen to the video below and take notice how Cameron outlines sweeping changes for the UK. He identifies many of the problems we in the Bahamas are experiencing. We have the same systems and we are experiencing the same problems.

From Elizabeth and Ryan Pinder to David Cameron and Great Briton, boy I tell ya, we on a roll! MAKE WAY FOR BP {BAGS PACKED} !!!

David Cameron MP, leader of The Conservative Party gives a speech in The Open University Library.


  1. LOL “he shall win no matter what I say”. Well…I did say i think he was going to win.  But it’ll be interesting to see what his economic plans if elected.

  2. The Rt. Hon. David Cameron talks a good game in opposition. However he is alot of charisma, flair and little substance. When challenged on policy issues he normally attacks friviolous issues and personalities in the House Of Commons. He claims the PM never answers questions but the same applies to him.The Rt. Hon Gordon Brown took over right before the recession hit so that already worked against him. Though Mr. Brown is gaining a bit of momentum back, I think the Torries will indeed become the Governing party. and Mr. Cameron will become the next PM of the UK.

    • He shall win no matter what you say and we have endorsed him as the FUTURE FOR BRITONS!

      Bahamas Press/Editor

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