Bethel spreads Love at Easter in Seabreeze



Like a real Papa Carl Bethel brought joy to scores of children in the Seabreeze community. We could sure say Carl remembered the darlings of the nation. This is a tradition for the MP who seems to never forget his community. Keep it up CARL, KEEP IT UP!


  1. Holy Cross intersects with Kennedy and I can say as a friend of Hope Strachan, she missed the ball.  She took far far too long to begin campaigning.  Furthermore, Carl Bethel did his home work while Minister of Education.  He gave jobs to countless individuals PLP’s and FNM’s it did not matter.  This made a huge difference in my community.  Young men were working instead of hanging out on the blocks.  His efforts injected tens of thousands of dollars into the Holy Cross and Kennedy communities.  I as a result told Mr. Bethel that I was totally happy for his focus on employing many young men in my community and pledged to support him during this election in 2012.  I will campaign for Mr. Bethel as I have given him my word I would do so.  So Truth and Futureleader, unless you live here in these communities as I do, you would just not understand.  No I am not an FNM, but I do support any MP who assists his constituents regardless of their political beliefs.  That is why I will campaign for Mr. Bethel this time around.  It’s about people not politics.  Hope just took far too long to move.  I told her this face to face over the easter holiday and I stand by this… 

  2. He needs to do something because his seat is at serious risk if Hope Strachan has anything to do with it.

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