BP is reporting a murder on Grand Bahama this evening….


Another homicide reported on Redwood Lane in Freeport…


The victim in tonight's shooting on Redwood Land Freeport, GB.
The victim in tonight’s shooting on Redwood Land Freeport, GB.
Freeport, Bahamas — Breaking news coming into Bahamas Press confirm we have another murder on the island of Grand Bahama. Right now dectectives are on the ground and are investigating a shooting death of a male victim through Redwood Lane Freeport.

We can report Whitfield Jones is the victim. He was shot multiple times. Details are sketchy at this time.

Meanwhile that woman, Ms Samantha Loveridge, said to be missing off a cruise ship docked in the Bahamas has been found alive and well.

Whitfield Jones
Whitfield Jones
The Canadian 27-year-old police tell us was not missing but was in the company of a Bahamian male getting her grove back.

All we say is this; “Its Better in da Bahamas!”

We report yinner decide!