BP is reporting another murder on Alexandria Blvd in Nassau Village


Victim is Jonel and was shot to the upper body….

young man gunned down in Nassau Village this afternoon.
young man gunned down in Nassau Village this afternoon.

Nassau, Bahamas – We are getting word right now on the ground of Alexandria Blvd. that the country has reported another murder.

Bahamas Press can confirm the victim was gunned down outside his father’s take-a-way near the park in the area.

The victim suffered multiple gunshot wounds to the upper body. He died at the scene.

Bahamas Press has identified this latest victim as Jonel.

This is the second murder in the streets of Nassau Village within weeks apart and is the 138th homicide for the year.

Meanwhile police are reporting murder suspect

Aaron Neely
Aaron Neely
, 26, of Avocado Street, Pinewood Gardens, who was on the police’s most wanted list for just under a month was captured shortly after 11:00am on Thursday 3rdDecember 2015.

Neely will be questioned by police for murder and firearm possession.

We report yinner decide!