BP warns readers of FAKE news circulated on WhatsApp…

www.bahamaspress website…

.NASSAU| On Wednesday, following the charge of former Cabinet Minister in the Minnis Government, bad actors began sharing news that a second former Cabinet member was questioned by police.

In the WhatsApp shared story, the BAD ACTORS used Bahamas Press handle (BP) to share their report. 

Bahamas Press is warning our readers that material circulated on social media not shared and timestamped with our social media address is NOT from our network. We want yinner to be careful as we are not in the business of misinformation, distortion of the facts or sharing news which is not credible.

Since last year in November when police denied they were investigating Lanisha Rolle, BP reported that there was an investigation and a charge was coming. WE REPORT REAL NEWS…not fake news!

BP says be careful when looking at material suggesting to be from BP but actually generated by bad actors who have no real source of information. 

Again written material by BP will be “timestamped” from our pages www.bahamaspress.com, Instagram, twitter, facebook or Youttube pages to which that article or update is linked. If any article you read is not linked to our main social media pages, it is not credible and therefore should be discarded and deleted. DO NOT SHARE!

Yinner have been warned!

We report yinner decide!