BP Weekend Entertainment Enjoy!


Persons would recount that this was a show that entertained. We remember the wonderful Saturday evening when the house was filled with grocery, seasoned turkey ready for Sunday’s dinner, and the Muppet Show was on the television with everyone gathered in the TV room holding an ice cream cone in hand. It was a time when family was together in the Bahamas and entertainment cause laughter in the room. And today we wonder why society has collapsed into the rot and decay? We think the answer is here, who is in that empty living room now?

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  1. Media you are not lying those were the good old days. When families would come together to enjoy a TV show. My mom always used to make popcorn like we where in a theatre. Once my dad had his cold beer everything was fine with him. Today many families are unable to sit down like that because they are too busy working two and three jobs trying to make ends meet. The children are left all alone with no one to set proper examples for them. Most of what they know they got it or the TV. You know there are not many good programs on the television these days.

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