Two Lackeys who speak for KERZNER and NOT Bahamians!



Bahamas Press has said before, that this photo offers an interesting thought. Two LACKEYS sitting with the man who holds the strong belief of Bahamianization. Arthur Hanna [centre] was one of the last to fight for Bahamians.

Nassau, Bah: Bahamas Press is never shocked or amazed when it comes to Hubert ‘the toothless lion’ Ingraham’s knee-jerk reactions. Bahamas Press called for Ingraham to address the nation a few weeks ago, and well he did. But as he read his text, much of which the same things were said in his address to the nation on January 13th, we wondered, was Ingraham taking our advice or was he addressing the nation because Sol Kerzner told him to?

Some 10% of Kerzner’s Atlantis Resort (1,000) workers were fired last week. Resort operators claimed that weak guest bookings, due to the global economic crisis, compounded the troubles at the property.

Whatever their claims were, the tragic massacre at the resort has shattered the lives of hundred, some who served the property for over 20 years. Workers were left with tears streaming from their eyes, some with loud hollers as if murder had taken place inside the meeting where they were axed.

However, the wutless media was busy in its daily deflection of news where one reportedly told Bahamians “CRIME IS DOWN” and another [The State run ZNS] said there is a record breaking upswing in guest arrivals. And from Bahamas Press perspective the BIG NEWS ON last THURSDAY was the firing of 129 workers at PepsiCola Bahamas.

Bahamas Press wants to ask Ingraham a serious question. If Ingraham sounded his address to the nation because of Sol Kerzner and not because of the HARDSHIP now facing Bahamians, we ask where do Ingraham’s loyalties lay? Is it with Bahamians, Or Sol Kerzner?

• Ingraham never held his national address when 5,999 Bahamians were shut-off in darkness as BEC changed its policy on the masses.

• Ingraham never held a national address when food prices soared in summer of 2007 making it hard for families to buy the basic necessities.

• Ingraham said not a single word when his government oversaw the rise in gas prices, crippling consumers and pushing them hard-pressed in further struggles.

• Ingraham said not a single word when layoffs commenced at Baha Mar, Breezes, The Sheraton and other properties around the country.

• Ingraham never held a national address when he terminated 1,200 government workers and cancelled over $90 million in public capital construction works for the country.

• And, Hubert Ingraham never said a single word in this country when hurricane victims on Grand Bahama were evicted from their shelter homes – Kicked on the streets with their children in hand.

But oh just hours before Sol Kerzner’s Atlantis Resort decided to fire hundreds of workers at that property it was time for Ingraham to speak. And as we said, speak the same words he spoke almost 12 months ago.

When Kerzner said he wanted a bridge, LACKEY Ingraham tightened the rope around Bahamians neck and borrowed money to build Kerzner a new bridge.

When Kerzner said he wanted the road change [BAY STREET], Lackey Ingraham changed the MAIN ROAD for Kerzner in an opposite direction.

When Kerzner said fix the airport, Lackeys Christie and Ingraham arranged a plan to upgrade the airport – a $400 million upgrade. And so here is the $3.5 billion question, “If everything the Lackeys speak and act upon is for Kerzner, who is speaking for US THE BAHAMIANS?”

OUR Mothers and fathers are OUT-OF-WORK. Our families cannot afford food anymore! Bahamians are being SLAUGHTERED ON OUR STREETS. The judiciary is in SHAMBLES! And almost every TRAFFIC LIGHT in the country is OUT-OF-ORDER and flashing red!

Bahamians must accept the fact SINCE both LACKEYS CHRISTIE AND INGRAHAM ONLY LISTEN TO SOL KERZNER, the time has come for us to look for someone who will LISTEN to US!



  1. Well ‘WOW’ Joe should not feel slighted for being called Hubert’s LOTION BOY, and YOU should not feel slighted for being called Perry’s LOTION BOTTLE.

    Both of you cannot ever TALK STRAIGHT! LOL! LOL! hoooooooho, BOY I laughing on the floor! ‘LOTION BOTTLE WOW’

    Oh yall please forgive me…..


  2. WOW: Your definition was one my Grandson used.
    Each life must follow its own course and your party persuasion has nothing to do with me as mine should have nothing to do with you. Though I adhere to neither party I honour the good from both and condemn the bad. Would that you were capable of doing the same!

  3. Being a “lotion boy” still is not a compliment even though Joe seems to have no problem being called a lotion boy for Ingraham and the FNM.

    ps. hardhead gal was a little nice with that definition. Think of it more like sexually gratifying someone by hand, lotion refers to the common lubricant used.

  4. Sure Media: In my earlier days, men who used products like hand loton were wrongly accused of being overly feminine and we ,again wrongly. equated that practice as meaning they were homosexual. I must admit that I took the term “body lotion boy” to mean Rupert was calling me a homosexual.I apologize to him for my error. Each generation has their words for different things and no doubt I gave away my age. Now you know why sometimes the generation gap causes confusion. You all straightened me up about the term so I have learned something new and that is always a good thing. It is never too late to grow in knowledge.The best thing that resulted in the exchange is all of us had a good laugh at my “faux pas”.

  5. Well ‘LOTION BOY’ JOE thats what ya get when you are quick to respond to things before you speak.

    Again I am as puzzled as everyone else, JOE how did the term ‘lotion boy’ become a sexual term??? JOE answer that! SPEAKUP NOW!

  6. Now this is truly AMAZING. BP nor any one else mention that JOE the mystery Mr. C was in DC, but there you go again Joe, saying your not in DC, but who asked you that?

    Like Lotion, we are still asking HOW did you equate that with homosexuality??????

    We are puzzled and your not saying how did you conjure that thought?????


  7. Oh that’s what it means, thank you hardhead girl for the definition. I have heard about all the other kissing up terms, but I have never heard of this one before. Joe Blow you should have asked Gofer what this mean, before you started to assume that he was referring to you as a homosexual. I really don’t like the direction this debate was headed. Anyway, I still see you as a very intelligent man, but I give you wrong for nothing asking the term, before you responded.

  8. Lotioning was the term used by young people to mean kissing up to or defending someone for personal benefit, brown nosing, to align with or against somebody for selfish reasons and has absolutely nothing to do with homosexuality. I enjoy your debates but this one on the lotion is getting ridiculous.

  9. Small minds Kim are amused by small things. Mmmm might that be a clue as to who? Now as to Mr. C- whoever that may be. It’s certainly not me! And I’m not resident in DC.

  10. I have never heard the term “LOTION BOY” before, can’t someone explain what it means? Everybody who asks say they never heard the term either.

    What’s all this talk about homosexuality? Is there any connection between the lotion boy and homosexuality?

    Please help a sister out, because I am so lost.

  11. I am in tears laughing GOFER, Joe “LOTION BOY”! LOL! The grandpa ain’t coming on here no more…LOL! I am CRYING over this post.

    And Joe ain’t explain yet how his lotion bottle made him GAY…LOL!! Let us make a comment and say, that about INGRAHAM, he would be all over this BLOG tonight LOL!…

    Pisssst!!!! OMAR, I think I know who the grandpa is too. PUT ON YA JACKET MR. C, IT GETTING FOR YOU COLD ON BP….LOL TELL BUSH BYE AND OBAMA HELLO FOR US HERE! LOL!!!!!


  12. Pervert: I mean Rupert, Sorry I didn’t realize you were so thin skinned. I’ll try not to lump you in with Media again. I can ,upon request, hook you up with a sex therapist if you don’t know how it happens.

  13. Sorry Blow job, oops i meant Joe Blow didn’t know that you were so sensitive towards your sexuality. From now on, ill try my best not to wright the words FAGGOT, FAG, GAY or SISSY on this blog in the future, OK….. I understand that you are a grandfather,…. Congratulations. My question is, how the hell did that happen?

  14. Joe Blow: Lotioning has nothing to do with homosexuality. Go ahead and ask your granchildren like Gofer suggested.

  15. Gofer: I will take your advise and ask what lotioning means to that generation. It indeed will take all of us, despite our gererational differences, to get this country moving and I look forward to hearing your suggestions as how to accomplish this. Thanks.

  16. Joe. I feel what you are saying. Your statement out of the gate on this was:

    “This isn’t journalism, its an attempt at sensationalism in order to stir up peoples’ emotions.”

    I disagree with you. This is the kind of writing we need to prick the peoples minds. To get them questioning. To get people to raise the bar of expectation. Journalism to this degree is what the Bahamas needs. Journalism like this becomes the catalyst to create the kind of fear our leaders need to keep them on their toes. Now sometimes I disagree with BP and I can tell there is a passion inside BP. Sometimes I stare at the screen with my eyes wide open and say “My God he just didn’t say that.” We all are different in our ways and that is what makes us colorful and effective. We need this kind of energy. I’m glad that I can come in here and hear your views. Its so enriching. You are keepin BP on his toes too. It seems to me that you are very intelligent. With that you can acquire even more wisdom. You have to agree that this article can prick these stagnant Bahamian minds. There must be a battery to engage the starter to get our Bahamian engine up and running then our country moving.

    Joe. I think you didn’t understand the lotion commentary. You need to ask one of your grandchildren what “lotioning” means.

  17. Gofer: No one has asked for change more than I have. I just don’t confine it to the two leaders. Change will come from the masses when they are educated enough to be able to see that it is the attitudes of our people that need to be changed. Name calling never changes anything and those who imply, like you, that one is a homosexual only shows their ignorance and a willingness to follow persons like Media and Rupert who sometimes write words before they think through what they really want to convey. Think for yourself. Much of what you write is “dead on”. I don’t disagree with Media when he wants to call both men to account . I have been advocating that for many years probably more than you’ve been on this earth.I believe that he just needs to be more professional in his writing and state the facts and not sensationalize situations. One thing I can thank him for is bringing these situations to our attention and allowing for positive discussion. And for your information I am both a parent and a grandparent. And yes, I do use lotion because when you reach my age your skin dries out easily. Age has its advantages but like all good things there are disadvantages with which to contend.

  18. I honestl don’t believethat a third party would make a difference because it will be made up of the same former supporters of the pLP and FNM!!

    They will come up with a plan to make people think that they have different ideas and when they gain office it will be more of the same!!

    Why?? Because a leader who is known by many people will be chosen and deep down in his/her heart, their heart would have been wrapped around the ideas of the PLP or FNM ideals!!

    So why waste time trying to make a difference from the top down when change starts from the bottom up?? It will take 20 years for a new party to even be seen as viable in this country!! If one is interesdted in servive rather than self they would join one of the major parties (PLP or FNM) and bring change from within… That’s what Obama is trying to do but time will tell if he is able to do just that….

  19. Sounds like Joe Blow is a body lotion boy. The points typed in bold of BP’s story need to be explained by the PM. Every time HI and PC speak they state the obvious. The problems we face now didn’t just slap us in the face. As for Laing. I wonder which planet he living on. Learned men could have had our country more prepared for this. PC is falling further and further away from the people. We need an opposition leader not a wine dribbler with glass in hand at a government house table. HI and PC have it all figured out. On one hand we have no opposition voice in the house. PC don’t speak so his ministers can’t speak out above him. They have to be quiet just like him. And dare any FNM minister question HI. They would be fired! I can see now that HI and PC are working together. They are comfortable being the head. They are in control. They don’t want change. They enjoy the power. They want to pass this same style onto who’s next as well. All the members of parliament gat dey lotion bottle. They can’t speak out. HI and PC have dem all in lotion school and they don’t even know it. We need new leaders for the Bahamian people. I agree with BP we need change! Joe Blow put your lotion bottle away man. Start making the PM accountable.

  20. I would agree Omar, that the time has come to USHER IN A NEW POLITICAL CLIMATE FOR THE COUNTRY. NEW IDEAS, NEW POLICIES and A NEW FOCUS!

    The time has come and is now for FRESH LEADERSHIP, and VISION for the Bahamas. And NEW LEADERSHIP that will INSPIRE the many discouraged NOW UNEMPLOYED WORKERS OF THIS COUNTRY! They must be inspired to believe again that things will get BETTER. And that the hopes and dreams for their lives and their children lives are NOT LOST!

    We need leadership that will ignite HOPE in us again, the possibility to live and DREAM of this HOPE again. The inspiration that WE CAN BE ANYTHING WE WANT TO BE!

    We need someone who will lift the standards of our institutions and speak to our growing issues that will cause our people to look again and remember that it is WE, THE PEOPLE that brings about CHANGE!

    We have not heard nor have seen that messeger of HOPE in our country for a long time. We are loosing young men and women in this country to SEXUAL SLAVERY and DRUGS. There must be a message of HOPE delivered to our people.

    And to put it bluntly OMAR, perhaps we are the ones we have been waiting for, to CHANGE this country.


    Bahamas Press/Editor

  21. The Bahamas must develop a new economic model for our country. Sir Lynden Pindling had a model for the country in the late 60’s now that model must be expanded on to meet the challenges of today. Sometimes I too point fingers and make serious accusations, but now is the time for this administration to present a clear policy to the Bahamian people. One that is independent of the WTO and EPA. Proactive thinking now more than ever is needed in Bahamian Governance. If this had happened under a PLP administration, PM Hon. Ingraham would use this opportunity to call Hon. Perry Christie weak. The question is, should he not be subjected to the same scrutiny?

  22. Ahhhhh Rupert, now try telling JOE THE PLUMBER that and he would try sell his “Economic policy of unity” to readers on this blog. The Lackeys are out-of-touch, reach and ideas. And we the people of this country now see it.



  23. Hubert Ingraham and the of bunch of dummies he has for cabinet members with the exception of maybe one or two, don’t have a clue on what to. Those 20th century ideas may have worked in the past and that’s just where he have taken us. We are now five to ten years further it the past than we were 18 months ago. All thanks to this incompetent PM. No amount of sugar coating can change that. Ask yourself, are you better of today than you were 18 months ago? What has this “WUTLESS GOVERMENT” done in the past 18 months that would help the lower and the middle class? The answer is zero, Nada, nothing. Other than to pass a bunch of bills that would only benefit the rich, haitians or the criminals. The only thing on Mr. Ingraham’s agenda is to develop Abaco, the rest of Bahamians have to wait.

  24. Well well, JOE blow, we at Bahamas Press try to hold restraint when it comes to responding to such commentary, but we remind you, that when we discuss a topic of LACKEY, it should occur to you that Hubert Ingraham does not need another LACKEY on here protecting him.

    Bahamas Press is CLEARLY aware of your [JOE] intent to spin our information for your advantage show up the government. We are aware of this. And this is what members of The WUTLESS media does well. But this is what makes us Critical observers in media and this website MOST POPULAR blog in the country.

    YOU should know by now that BP holds NO BEEF with any political party, UNLIKE you [JOE BLOW] when we noted that economic fallout in this country, YOU LIKE Minister LAING said “There is NO Recession”. But now you expect us to listen to you and some others as to what we report? As we said before, when it comes to SPIN AND DEFLECTION, that is what the Tribune is for, NOT BAHAMAS PRESS!


  25. “tragic massacre”, “shattered lives”, “as if murder had taken place”,”they were axed”, “tears streaming from their eyes” “can’t afford food anymore” This isn’t journalism, its an attempt at sensationalism in order to stir up peoples’ emotions. Layoffs could not have come as a surprise to the people who were employed at Atlantis as they saw, week after week, that fewer and fewer tourists were arriving. Unless they had their heads in the sand they knew that the economic downturn was wrecking havoc throughout the world. What makes B.P. think that the Bahamas should be spared or that these and other layoffs could be prevented?
    Atlantis has been a good corporate citizen all these years and has given its employees more consideration then any other employer has been willing to do. When one employs 10,000 people it is wise of a government to do all in its power to keep that employer happy. If you lived or worked on Paradise Island you would be aware of how difficult it was to come and go when there was only one bridge avaiable. The airport was worse than a mess, so if Sol Kerzner was the impetus to cause us to take a good look and make changes, I say great! Just remember that that enterprise built parks for our children to enjoy, gave computers to schools, adopted a school, contributed money, equipment labour and time to any charitable organization who had a legitimate need.
    The problems that we are encountering in the present were a long time in the making. They dated back to the 70’s when drugs were seen as an economically viable way to cause an economic growth here. No one thought about the inevitable fallout! The people were sold the notion that they need not be “hewers and reapers”. Greed and slack ways gradually took hold.
    As to Mr. Ingraham, he may not be who you voted for but he was obviously who the people wanted. He goes about governing in a way that he thinks best for the country and I don’t think he cares much what B.P. thinks if indeed he ever reads your words. BEC disconnected power to those delinquent customers and Mr. I devised a plan whereby they could be reconnected. He has in his address to the nation revealed his plans to help this nation through the crisis. You might not like what he plans but he is in charge. And one thing You can do, that I have not seen you do yet, is make doable suggestions as to how you see we can weather this crisis and begin to move forward. So stop the blaming and start making responsible suggestions for the good of the nation.

  26. Well gofer, you ain’t see how that BIG BELLY MAN pushing the table with that beer belly of his to the left? LACKEY #1…


  27. Why is that table off centered in the room? They don’t even know the table is crooked. Would someone please tell the Governor to have that fixed.

  28. My God. Nah Dis one is hard hitting! BP you are off da chain! Dis is what we need dem to read! Who is speaking for us is correct! GoHead BP… we need ya!

  29. You have it right. They speak not for Bahamians. They knew all along about this and said nothing. All the while allowing workers at Kerzner to be shocked. Even now there is no address. Only Paul Moss spoke up for the people. What a shame. These two who sat at the feet of AD and LO have learnt nothing.

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