BPL Executive Management Teams Hang Heads in Shame


BPL UNION Gives Management 14 DAYS!

NASSAU| BP watched the news last night and saw a massive crowd gathered at Bahamas Power and Light, Blue Hill Road. At first our team was confused because we knew it was a union’s action, but we just couldn’t figure out which one because we saw so many union leaders present. 

Finally we realized it was the Bahamas Electrical Workers Unions show down with Devil Boy Whitney Heastie had his suspicious side kick HR head Evis Missick. Because BP was so startled at the overwhelming support the workers at BPL got by all those unions, BP decided to do some snooping. 

All that noise the thousands of workers made with all those unions present, not a peep could be heard until late in the day when BPL posted some statement which could have simply said, “Don’t play wit dem, it aint no true!” So BP went inside BPL to see what this statement was about. BPL treats its workers like dogs and then praise and hire crooked, fake ID foreigners and of course Grand Bahamians. Not to speak of running engines until they are out of fuel and then continuing to run them until they explode and then lights out for us. 

Speaking of which …. anyone seen the report yet from the fire that happened years ago at BPL? Remember dat??

Coming to find out, the BPL statement yesterday responding to the unions was written by Missick and Heastie themselves and they used PR man Quincy Parker to read it in his made for radio voice. BP was just about to say, “What in da hell is dis!” when our sources at the electricity company informed us that not only is BPL now the home of Grand Bahamians, but Ms Missick is the FIRST COUSIN of Quincy Parker. So we see its true. The Grand Bahama Militia is live and kicking at BPL and Family, Lovers and Friends is now the new slogan instead of “We Light up Your Life”.

Parker and Missick are not the only “relations” in BPL. Heastie and Missick are …. watch it now BP! You cant bring out erryting at one time. Let’s just say not only blood relatives eat lunch together every day. What is dis??!!!

Please view the attached video which shows a BPL car RAINING inside. Desmond Bannister said BPL would receive a fleet of badly needed new vehicles but instead Heastie took the money to hire Grand Bahamians and pay them exorbitant salaries while the staff suffer. And, BP wants you to know that ALL of the Grand Bahama Militia are at DIRECTOR levels at BPL. Heastie aint hiring you from GB and giving janitress job. You getting big time jobs.

Meanwhile BPL workers on Crooked Island and Abaco are defacating in bushes because there is no place for them to take a decent poop after they eat a meal they bought with their own money. BPL does not feed or buy water for workers who work on remote cays and islands nor does it make sure they can relieve themselves indoors. 

Heastie and Bannister them must be think this is SURVIVOR or some TV show where everything is done outdoors. We want to inform them that relieving oneself in the breeze is illegal.

Great God from Zion, do the people at BPL have any COMPASSION? Do the folks at BPL have a HEART? Heastie do you have a SOUL?

Its now RAINING in cars!!

We report! Yinner decide!!

BPL staff just walked off the job in protest of the misdoings of FNM henchman Whitney Heastie.