BPL executive purchased a million-dollar home in an upscale community back in December! Is that where da BPL money gone?


Three to be fired at BPL for the theft of over $7 million – no bank employee who assisted has been arrested!

Consumers packed on the line of BEC at the MALL AT MARATHON BRANCH. NASSAU GUARDIAN FILE PHOTO.

Nassau, Bahamas – Well, at least three junior staffers at the Bahamas Power and Light [BPL] company are headed home for good after more than $7 million vanished from the accounts department at BEC.

Bahamas Press can reveal that the audit is near complete and many are asking will more details about this investigation be made public and whether the senior staff, who oversaw the theft will also get the ax? Will PM Minnis call for a Parliamentary Inquiry into BPL and let the chips fall where they may or well he duck and hide the truth from the People!

Apparently the BPL investigation has been dealt with with kid gloves and little is being said as to the punishment that will follow – if any! $7 million gone from the bank accounts of BPL and the powerful remain on their jobs carrying out the same functions. WHAT IS DIS?

We know one of the senior persons allegedly involved or who would be at the centre of the theft is yet to be touched. And some who assisted in the theft through local banks were also quietly suspended and at least one has fled to Canada – ‘haulin- ass’! We should have an extradition treaty in place with that Commonwealth country!

We know one of the senior individuals deep inside BPL is related to a powerful political family who enjoys holding the nation’s cookie jar today. That suspect #1 recently purchased a million-dollar home from a wealthy family in an upscale community back in December last year. BP will reveal more and drop our information as they come.

Will those under suspicion be overlooked? Or will they answer for their crimes and be punished if found guilty?

We report yinner decide!