BPL issues statement this afternoon on their $95 million plant and overhaul with Wärtsilä!


We ask again: Is Lynn Holowesko the legal rep in the Bahamas for Wärtsilä? The company’s Caribbean Chief refuses to answer Bahamas Press!

BPL Board Members hanging out at the Lyford Cay Club for a reception hosted by Lynn Holowesko.

NASSAU| Well, as serious questions continue to hover over BPL like “Is Lynn Holowesko the legal advisor for Wärtsilä in the Bahamas”, BPL’s scatterbrain PR team has deflected from answering our questions and now has threatened a major media house in the country.

This afternoon – with the power off at Bahamas Press operations – BPL issued this statement after widely circulated clips appeared online exposing the decisions of the board!

The statement read: “The Bahamas Power and Light Company Limited (BPL) categorically denies the existence of a conflict of interest involving Deputy Chairman of the BPL Board of Directors Stephen Holowesko, a financing group and the BPL Board of Directors. The false assertion was aired on a segment of the Eyewitness News programme “Beyond The Headlines”, hosted by Clint Watson, which was circulated via the social media platform known as WhatsApp.

“BPL will demand a retraction from Mr. Watson and an apology for the inaccuracies perpetrated by his programme.

Lynn Holowesko firm has oil drilling license also but don’t want the wealth go to the citizens. New Clifton Bay group form to block the advancement of Bahamians and is being bankrolled out of the US.

“BPL will determine whether it will pursue legal action against Mr. Watson, Eyewitness News and the owners of the station for any damages suffered as a result of the false statements made and broadcast.

“In a brief segment riddled with inaccuracies, Mr. Watson accuses Mr. Holowesko and the Board of BPL of a conflict of interest surrounding financing the purchase of new engines and the construction of a new power plant.

“BPL wishes to address some of the inaccuracies the show has published, which cover a range of subjects.

“BPL never said, suggested, implied or hinted that the Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) had raised any objection to publication of a schedule for load shedding. The decision to publish such a schedule is – and has always been – BPL’s decision. The only context in which the RBPF has been mentioned in this matter has been through consultation between Commissioner of Police Anthony Ferguson and BPL Board Chairman Dr. Donovan Moxey. At no time did BPL say the police had asked BPL not to publish a schedule. Instead, what BPL said was that, given anecdotal evidence of the possibility of elevated criminal activity during load shedding events, it is prudent to have the RBPF on board as a stakeholder to ensure that all practical steps have been taken to ensure the safety of our customers.

“The assertion that the police were “adamant that they never requested BPL not to issue a load shedding schedule” completely mischaracterizes the interaction between BPL and the RBPF.

“The statement that the new, high-efficiency, high-output, tri-fuel, highly computerized Wärtsilä engines purchased by BPL cost $95 million is incorrect. At a press conference in February 2019, BPL Chief Executive Officer Whitney Heastie explained that the $95 million price tag is the cost of the entire new power plant at Clifton Pier Station A, and not the cost of the engines alone.”

Bahamas Press therefore now invites BPL Board Chairman to answer our questions:

1)   Was BPL Board invited to a reception at the Lyford Cay Club hosted by Lynn Holewesko?

2)   What was the purpose of that reception?

3)   Did the Board engage in, at that reception, any discussions regarding the purchase of the Wärtsilä engines?

4)   Who funded the purchase of the rental generators for BPL?

5)   Who set up the arrangement?

6)   Who arranged this deal?!

7)   Where is the report from the fires of September 2018?

8)   Was it arson that destroyed two generators at BPL Clifton Plant?

9)   And maybe someone in BPL would answer this: Is Lynn Holowesko the lawyer of record for Wärtsilä in the Bahamas?

We ga report and let yinner decide! HAPPY INDEPENDENCE!