BPL wutless management headed by WHITNEY HEASTIE MUST GO!

CEO Whitney Heastie. (Photo by Torrell Glinton)

NASSAU| The Minister of Works need to stop being nice and get rid of BPL’s President, Whitney Heastie, and his executive team.

The Minister should just replace the wutless crew with an executive team who can keep the lights on in New Providence! 

It is not right for one’s power to be going off repeatedly during the day and night for hours at a time when BPL informed the nation that power outages were a thing of the past after they spent over $100 million of hard tax payers dollars buying new generators. 

Well, obviously, something is wrong at BPL. The outages are increasing in frequency and the Corporation seems to be going back to its old ways of not informing its customers as to when the outages will be fixed (Despite all of the sacrifices we made over these many years!).

From Friday evening (and over the Easter Holiday) many people around New Providence had to endure long hours without electricity.  Saturday the same thing is happening across the island.  

There needs to be a Commission of Inquiry into whether BPL got value for money when they purchased the last set of generators that were supposed to have cured the problem of outages once and for all. 

That obviously did not happen. The DECENT New Day Government, which we all wholeheartedly support, must put its foot down and fix this outage problem once and for all.

Let’s start by ridding BPL of Mr. Heastie and his cronies.  One should not have to endure the misery of repeated, back-to-back power outage in 2022 because of gross incompetence by BPL’s wutless management team. Over the weekend the Chairman of the the PLP raised the concerns of darkness with streetlights which BPL’s management refuses to repair. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!

Minister Sears your work is cut out for you. We elected you and your Government to be transformational, transparent and to put the interests of the Bahamian people first. We believe THE DAVIS /COOPER TEAM will fix it!

Let’s fix BPL once and for all.