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  1. @Kim Sands
    gurl had the rocher and ohenry stacked everytime someone going away please bring me some rocher…lol Well i could tell lady in white one thing it ain’t not picnic going without chocolate……

  2. @LIZARD
    Did you say no chocolate? Now that’s hard, that is almost as bad as getting a jail sentence. I love my chocolate, I had to ease up on it though, because I used to have them stupid craving for Cadbury whole nuts. Talking about it now, you make me feel like jumping in my car and heading to the nearest gas station for one. It too dangerous though and I know hubby aint going nowhere tonight, he already put on his PJ’s. I will have to treat myself to one to tomorrow; I will try to enjoy it for the both of us, ok.

  3. @Kim Sands
    I am under doctors care and on nexium no spicy foods ,no tamatoe based product chocolate dairy products fried foods….and the list goes on i asked the doc how in da hell he could take me off chocolate? you know what they say about chocolate…. but you know i always thought that acid reflux was for old people who who ate bad all their lives now it caught up with them but boy i am so mistaken. Gal let me stop airing my business on this site, thank God no one know who I is is…lol

  4. @LIZARD
    Lizard, I hear that acid reflux isn’t no picnic and I am sorry that you have to deal with it. The best thing to do is avoid spicy and greasy food. My cousin has the same thing; I heard her complaining about it waking her up out of her sleep before. She been battling with that for years, but it isn’t so bad now, because she is starting to understand that it is what she is eating that is causing it, like jerk and curry foods. Let me give you the joke, one time we was going away and she had one of them attack in the airport, she likes to have the whole place for herself, I didn’t know what to do. I brought her some milk to drink and that seem to bring it under control. I think her doctor warned her to stay away from KFC and recommended Mylanta to treat it; I haven’t heard her complained about it in a longtime. I hope I was very helpful, but you still should seek the advice of a physician. I really hope you feel better.

  5. @Kim Sands

    Morning gurly I right here trying to deal with a bout of acid refleux any home remedy, I was up real early cause of it so i decided to log on then i saw the # i grabbed my phone right hurrying trying to put the #s in only fa da woman to please check your # cause it ain’t no good, i said to myself gal you is one fool jokes first thing this morning…BP goosy me first ting dis morning….LOL

  6. Hi Lizard, How are you doing? I right here laughing you girl, how you say you were trying to put them minutes on your phone, because I know if that was me, I would be so puzzled, I’d belike BP posted the wrong numbers aye???

  7. That’s very kind and considerate BP. At the moment my cell is not working, I am suppose to be buying a new one today, but I will definitely be taking advantage of this. Thank you.

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