BPSU taken to court by former President John Pinder!


Minnis left John Pinder without a job and on the hustle!

Kinsley Ferguson and John Pinder.

NASSAU| BP is learning former Acting Director of Labour John Pinder has taken the Bahamas Public Service Union to court for failing to pay him his due benefits after serving as President for 15 long years.

KIMSLEY Ferguson, who once served as Pinder’s Executive Vice President and later became President after Pinder accepted a big juicy job under Hubert Minnis, has refused to pay the now struggling Pinder any of his due benefits now he has retired with nothing from Minnis!

Minnis never fixed up Pinder in an event the elecrion was lost. Pinder is now officially retired and needs money like a jonser! Blame Minnis!

Ferguson, who is also a “closet FNM” has ignored resquests by Pinder to give him what is due (even if in installments).

On this Randol Fawkes Labour Day the BPSU is in trouble. The Hotel Union is Broke! And when Belinda Wilson told teachers not to return to school in January 99% of her members reported to school and schools across the country reopened. Dey are not checking for her!

All we say is dis…this one with Pinder and Ferguson will not end well in court! And possibly, someone could end up once again on suicide watch!

We report yinner decide!