BREAKING NEWS >>> Bradley Roberts appointed as Director at BTC – Corporations proves itself with continued support to BELIEVE IN BAHAMIANS!


BTC continues to show its support to BELIEVE IN BAHAMIANS!

PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts

Nassau, Bahamas — Breaking news coming into Bahamas Press confirms the Cabinet has approved its two-government appointee on the board at BTC.

We can confirm receiving his letter of appointment to the Board is current Chairman of the PLP and of the Water and Sewerage Corporation, Bradley Roberts.

Roberts you would remember was also the former Minister of Works in the last PLP administration who managed BTC under his portfolio.

Roberts we are told will join former attorney at BTC Ms Rowena Bethel, who is the second government appointee to the Board.

Sources confirmed to BP former General Manager of the Corporation, Leon Williams, didn’t make the cut. The Board is now set to forward the advancement of telephony in the Bahamas and in its forward track is proving itself as a good corporate sponsor to advance Bahamians by putting them Bahamians first!

Many would remember when it was time for the Bahamian team to head to the Olympics this past summer, its was BTC/Lime who stepped up to the plate to sponsor Bahamians while other corporate partners played dead on the country’s young athletes!

And when it came to shortfalls in Junkanoo, only BTC/LIME supported the groups as a major sponsor the cultural event, again, while other corporate partners around the country failed to support or believe in Bahamians.

BTC yinner done it AGAIN! GOOD WORK!

We report yinner decide!