Bradley Sands out as Road Traffic Controller

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Road Traffic Controller Ross Smith

NASSAU| Acting Controller of the Road Traffic Department Bradley Sands has been relieved of his duties.

Sands, a police officer of over 30 years, was appointed acting controller under the Minnis-led government in 2019.

However, after nearly three years in the position, Sands has received his walking papers.

He will be replaced by former Road Traffic Controller Ross Smith, who will return to his old position after being moved by the former administration.

Smith reported for duty today.

Working conditions at the department were less than ideal under the Minnis Administration.

A recent tour revealed small working spaces, including the controller’s office, which Minister of Transport JoBeth Coleby-David said “looks like a cupboard”.

She also cited leaks, which dampen the carpet, causing an odor in the office.

Plans are in place for the construction of a new building to house the Road Traffic Department.