Branville McCartnery takes on Christie & Ingraham


Christie say Bran is not fit to lead the Bahamas – And praises Hubert Ingraham! What in the hell is dis? Failure promoting “I AM A FAILURE!”

Statement by Branville – Was Christie Speaking for Ingraham?

While our nation suffers under the weight of the continued political leadership failures of Mr. Ingraham and Mr. Christie; it is increasingly clear that today we need new, strong leadership, unafraid to make the necessary changes that can take our most precious resource (Bahamians) to the first world. Mr. Christie’s defense of Mr. Ingraham, as partners in governance, is critical to the cause of the failed state of our country under Christie, Ingraham & Co. Mr. Christie has failed to keep any of his election promises to the Bahamian people and is now reneging on plans to leave office after two years. He has sold the Bahamian people a political lemon. It is predicted that this failure by the partners to seek competent successive leadership immediately will result in the implosion of the PLP & FNM long before 2017.

The DNA has long stated that Christie and Ingraham are “one and the same.” We have said repeatedly that they are “two sides of the same coin”. Mr. Christie has again, in total disregard for the feelings of his supporters and colleagues, blatantly made this clear in his support of Mr. Ingraham. The topic of succession by Mr. Christie and Mr. Ingraham has not been addressed with the best interest of our vulnerable nation in mind. It is selfishly perpetrated as a God-given absolute right of Christie, Ingraham & Co. Any competent and aggressive challenge to this power hungry regime is seen by them as a personal attack by these men who have failed our people repeatedly. One only has to look at the state of the Nation and the lack of any future financial or social planning to get us out of the dangerous quagmire our country is in; to determine that this country is in a state of deterioration under Mr. Christie’s current leadership.

All right-thinking citizens should be appalled by Mr. Christie’s belief that he is irreplaceable and that no “worthy replacement” has showed up. Actually, Bahamians should demand that he immediately demit office as promised. It is certainly now not surprising to me why these potentially ‘great men’ of the PLP, who sit under this leader’s insults, have once again become a loud disorganized band of merry men each dancing to their own tune.

Sadly, we are at a critical crossroad just across the Jordan of our experience as a country. Mr. Christie, whose shoes have long worn out, has yet to cut a path ‘worthy’ for me to follow. He has insisted on circuiting the path ‘most chosen’ by his predecessors, indecisively repeating mistake after mistake. True leadership demands that I take the path less traveled. The critical state of our beloved Bahamas insists that I create a path in this wilderness of financial, criminal and social chaos we have been lulled into.

The time is past for business as usual in our country. This is our land and we must protect it from those who selfishly chose self over an entire nation. The time is now to not wander aimlessly but to move firmly and resolutely forward, upward, onward together.

Branville McCartney
DNA Leader