Branville McCartney caught in another flip flop by Bahamas Press! – It’s UNBELIEVABLE!!!


A BP Monday Special – Bran lacks credibility! >>>

Branville McCartney

Wutless Media refuses to put the question to McCartney over his VAT statements in 2011…

Nassau, Bahamas — Branville McCartney is going into another election with mountains of credibility issues and the most recent conversation on VAT is just the latest.

McCartney told reporters he doesn’t understand VAT and that the government is going down the wrong road with the new tax overhaul plan.

In a press statement on December 5th, 2013 Branville McCartney told the press this about VAT: “We have tax alternatives, consistent of implementation of goods & service tax between 5% and 7% levied at point of sale, reduction of duties to 10%, reduction of government subsidies to tourism related by 50%, land tax above certain nonperforming acreage and withholding tax applied to education.”

And again, on March 13th, 2014, Mr. McCartney told the Tribune this: “I would have been screaming out against it,” Mr McCartney told Tribune Business of his reaction if VAT had come up while he was still a minister. “It would have happened after I left Cabinet; it never happened while I was there.”

In the Feb. 24th, 2014 edition of the Tribune, the DNA leader told them the following: “[with]….the pending introduction of Value Added Tax, we in the DNA are left to wonder if this current government truly cares about Bahamians. It cannot be fair for struggling hard working citizens of the Bahamas trying to make ends meet to now be faced with the fear of not being able to afford the basic survival items because of VAT.”

But the credibility of Mr. McCartney has melted like ice caps from the north pole. A tape, apparently only seen by Bahamas Press, our thousands of loyal readers and no one else in the media, proves that Mr. McCartney is playing politics and cannot make the hard decisions to make the Bahamas Better!

The DNA leader, who we know is compromised with mixed convictions on a myriad of issues as he melts back into the FNM, appears to be a man desperate and ‘jonesing’ for power to satisfy his oversized ego.

At his hotel launch just before the General Elections, Branville committed his plan for the urgent need to overhaul the tax structure and modernize the system through the means of a Valued Added Tax. Here are Mr. McCartney’s exact words, also posted below in video for all to view:

“…What we have been doing for the last 40-years is not working. The System of taxation is not working…and moving this country forward we will – listen to me carefully – we will have to look at a form of taxation…by means of a Valued Added Tax.”

Maybe Mr. McCartney is the biggest flip-flopper the country has seen in the last 40 years! Perhaps he and his allies in the DNA – who cannot hold a straight conversation with the people of the Bahamas – love to change their positions like a $10 prostitute who would do anything to get into the wallet of her lover.

What kind of leadership is that now being offered by the DNA?