Branville: Policy Paper on Bahamas Immigration Department Completed



<<< Minister of State for Immigration and MP for Bamboo Town Branville McCartney shakes hand with Gaming Board Director, B. K. Bonaomy (file Photo).

NASSAU, Bahamas – The Immigration Department has completed its policy paper that deals with the transit of persons across Bahamian borders, Minister of State for Immigration the Hon Branville McCartney told Parliament.

The document also deals with persons intending to work and remain in the country, and will address the need for change within the Department, Mr. McCartney said June 8, during debate on the national budget.

“The paper, once approved by Cabinet, will be easily read,” he said. “It will bring clarity to the many questionable concerns and address all those areas often deemed ambiguous and vague.”

The budget for the Immigration Department is $15,607,472 for fiscal year 2009-’10.

“Improved and outstanding customer service is a priority of the new mandate given to the new directorate,” said Mr. McCartney. “In recent months, the department has given much attention to this area.”

He said plans are underway to devise a plan of action to effectively address customer service.

It will provide for the training and retraining of staff, identification of customer friendly employees to deal with the public, and reconfiguration of customer service areas.

“It is imperative that the Department reconfigure its offices so as to deal effectively with customers’ needs,” said Mr. McCartney.

It is envisaged that during fiscal year beginning July 1, adjustments will be made to the interior of the Hawkins Hill building, so as to allow better customer service, Mr. McCartney said. Plans are underway for major developments to the Freeport, Grand Bahama office.

The Department plans to launch its website this September. The public will be able to download application forms and deal with other matters online.

“Education and public relations are the tools that will keep the public informed,” he said. “Therefore brochures and pamphlets are being designed for publication which will keep readers and applicants abreast and knowledgeable about the Department.


  1. Good for you Big P. I contend that after any election the name of the Partys should not be mentioned again except at their own political meetings until the next election is called. Let’s just follow their name by: government, opposition, independent. And may I remind all that an Opposition is not to continually oppose but to point out changes or improvements to make any bill presented more precise and constitutionally correct. Persons who continually pull others down do so because they feel inadequate themselves.

  2. @tp
    When I make my post on this website I do this with no bias to one political party or the other I am a Bahamian Nationlist this two party systems is a big dollhouse on the verge of collaspe and taking the entire country with them most of these members of the political divide are in business with one another. They sit in parliment and set laws to keep control of this country in the hands of a few elite wealthy white and blacks while the majority cry out for justice.

    Die hards whether they be PLP or FNM are the worst form of people in this country who will support their party to the detriment of this country.
    I will not sit on the sidelines and watch our demise..while granstanding politicians play games with our emotions every 5 years pimping us then neglecting what we have to say while they are in power…its time for a generation of young thinkers, notice I said young thinkers not young people because even some young folks think with an old mindset,to take this our stake in this country and move it forward

  3. @Objective thought
    The thing about it is while you are right about the opposition’s job being what it is. I say do not oppose just for opposing sake and when you oppose offer solutions.
    Again you are right the FNM did criticize the PLP leading up to election, but that was pre-election. Election has been over for more than 2 years now get over it and move on. Now is not the time for campaigning that can come later, but for now the country need you.This is no time for trying to go one up.

  4. @Altec
    Then you agree Ms Hanna. Martin’s motive was purely selfish.As far as me being a die hard FNM.I will let you think what ever you want. WHAT I WILL SAY IS YES WE MIGHT NEED A CHANGE BUT THE PLP IS NOT IT.
    The amazing thing about it is ok for you to express your opinion but when we express ours you cuss us and call us names.Thats fine with me.

  5. tp :
    Why is it so hard for you give credit when credit is due. I agree with Joe Blow how could any one take the PLP serious when all they do is criticize.

    TP you want me to give credit where credit is due? You cant see a? Anyone with two eyes could see the moves Branville McCartney is making. The man is positioning himself for higher office and if you have a hard time dealing with that then you need to wake baby girl. Politicians have no one else’s interest in mind but their own. Every move they make has a selfish goal tied to it.

    tp :
    Shake of this spirit of hatred and you will be able to see some good in others.

    TP, seems like you are guilty of the very same thing you are accusing me of. I read your post on this website and you only and always see good in FNM’s and FNM’s only. you take your subtle little shots at the PLP but its ok. I maybe sympathetic towards the PLP, but i aint no diehard like you.

  6. This is fun as the intransigent when it comes to nurses and workers at the water and sewerage corporation.Not even a promise of compensating them when the economy gets better.In speaking of bullying tactics even Dr Minnis has gone on board with HAI and talking to nurses as if they dont count.Which opposition party is going to support the Govt with their foolishness.Workers have been given no hope by the Govt.only threats about retiring them if they have 30 plus yrs.Yes many young persons will benefit by being given jobs but at what price to the country?Yes rabid FNM supoporters get used to the harsh and deserved criticism of this second one term they deserve it.Since McCartney is a member of the Cabinet any decision made there comes under the banner of collective responsibility.If one part of the chicken stinks all other part stink.

  7. @tp
    Ya know tp I am wondering where were you with all this hatred talk when the FNM was in opposition and all they did from day one is critize everything the PLP did!! Be fair man and stop talking foolishness!!

    Generally speaking, the opposition is not there to support everything that the govt does because if that was so they would be known as an Ally of the govt!!! That’s what oppositions do, oppose!!!! They leave giving credit to the govt to its members!!! Very rarely do oppositions give credit to a govt even though they deserve it!!

    The FNM held rallies every year (up to 2005 when HI came back) after the PLP won in 2002 and all they did was critized everything that the PLP did.. I know because I went to all!!

    If you want to hear the good that a govt does just listen to its members and not the opposition!! The opposition’s job is to state their downfalls unless they don’t ever expect to become govt!! And that has NOTHING to do with hatred, it’s their job which is to let the people know about the things that the govt promised and are not making good on and to push things that were done that they didn’t agree with!!!

  8. @Altec
    Why is it so hard for you give credit when credit is due.I agree with Joe Blow how could any one take the PLP serious when all they do is criticize.
    Shake of this spirit of hatred and you will be able to see some good in others.

  9. Altec: I guess you don’t read the newspapers or watch the news on ZNS. Or indeed listen to the figures listed as to the repatriation. Everything your PLP does is well done and everything anyone in the FNM does is “fake”. Yes, we do need a detentionn centre and a DF Base in the South. People have been advocating that for years. More persons would listen to PLP suggestions and statements if they could bring themseves to a point where they could commend what is positive even while keeping government officials’ feet to the fire. We ALL have an “iron” in this fire my brother!

  10. @Big P
    Big P, the Immigration issue is a fake issue that is used by the FNM to get votes. Only under the PLP does the Immigration Department actually goes after illegals.

    Before the 2007 elections Shane was rounding them up like nothing and before him was Loftus Roker in the 1980’s. The rise in illegal immigration happened in the 90’s under HI’s government. Since the election change you dont hear or see the Immigration Department picking up illegals.

    The illegal Haitian and Jamaican vote is an FNM vote. They need them vote for 2012 thats why they aint touching these illegals.

    If the Defense Force had a presence in Inagua, the base on New Providence wouldnt be necessary. If a base was on Inagua, the Haitian and human smuggling boats would hardly reach New Providence plus the incidents of poaching would decrease dramatically.

    There needs to be a shift in resources from New Providence to Inagua, but we lack the political will to make real change.

  11. Serving notice all the showboating Branville is doing is just a continuation of what Shane Gibson was doing even when Shane went to Eleuthera and rounded up the illegal Haitians, Hubert Ingraham told the Haitians to sue the government. I am jogging some people memeories..the official word on the street is that the Haitian vote swung the elections..look at Bailou Hills and you will see what I mean. If Bran is so seriuous why hasn’t he push for the simplest way to reduce illegal immigrants build the base in Inagua and send them back from there..not only would it be cheaper but it will be less strain on our social services as the illegals get everything free.

  12. I dont tell yall this man has ambitions. When the FNM leadership becomes open in a year and a half look for Bran to throw his hat in the ring.

  13. Love him or hate him, the damn man is working. Branville in less than three years have made a very good name for himself in Bahamian politics. I you continued success my brother. I am very impressed.

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