Branville Shares BIG IDEAS in the Parliament


<<< Branville McCartney MP for Bamboo Town.

Branville is sharing VISIONARY ideas in the Parliament. McCartney just noted the potential behind a ferry that moves commuters [residents] from the WEST into Downtown! WOW!!! Imagine that, a ferry service from the west and east to downtown Nassau or for the thousands of workers on Paradise Island. THIS COULD WORK!!!



  1. Branville McCartney has gone from a least favorite who was viewed as someone using the press and his position as a junior minister to advance his political agenda. Mr McCartney has proven me and everyone wrong by resigning as minister, telling his own party that he will not allow them to hinder his work on behalf of the people of the bahamas. Please respond so that Mr McCartney can see that we need his leadership in the bahamas. That he should present himself as a viable option to be leader of the FNM and the bahamas. Perry Christie and Hubert Ingraham have seen their last days; welcome Branville McCartney, the Obama of the Bahamas

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