Branville to Resign from the FREE NATIONAL MOVEMENT?


Nassau, Bahamas – There are earth shattering news emanating from out of the Free National Movement at this hour, where we are comfortable to report that a sitting member of the FNM, MP for Bamboo Town, Branville McCartney, have entered talks with the National Development Party.

Sources close to the soon to be INDEPENDENT Member of Parliament tell us, McCartney is frustrated with the state of affairs of the country and is concerned with the direction of the country under the disastrous leadership of Hubert Ingraham.

You would remember last year the MP resigned from the Ingraham Cabinet stating feelings of “stagnation” was a direct result of his leaving the Executive.

Sources close to the MP tell us, following several meeting with NDP leadership McCartney shared his concerns with the direction of the country; where Bahamians have suffered greatly in this great global economic climatic storm.

Bahamas Press can confirm in a meeting with the Leader of the Opposition, Perry Christie, Ingraham made his intentions clear to ditch the popular MP in the next General Elections. Sources tell us, Ingraham seeks to cut McCartney’s base significantly and set the Bamboo Town Constituency in the former Golden Gates area now represented by PLP POWERHOUSE, Shane Gibson.

MP for Golden Gates, Shane Gibson, surrounded by scores of team captains ready to reclaim Golden Gates

Politicos tell us, “If this match is set, it will be impossible for Branville to beat a Shane Gibson, who has over 200 team captains, who marshal the area on a daily basis. To run against Gibson will be ‘political suicide’ to say the least and under an FNM ticket will spell a disaster for the first team politician.

BP has learnt a decision by McCartney could come any day now as he did when he left the Ingraham Cabinet.

Political observers say, “If McCartney resigns from the FNM, he will repeat a decision by the former MP for Bamboo Town, Tennyson Wells, who resigned from the FNM following allegations of mass corruption and scandal in the FNM Government.


  1. Timing is everything and if a third party is to gain any momentum leading into the next Gen Elects now is the time for Branville to embrace aa existing third party and expouse their virtues.Does he have the stomach to attack his childhood friends in the FNM?Is he willing to take PAPA on face to face after saying that he is still the best person to lead this country?Would his family who are card carrying members of the UBP/FNM support his alignment with mostly grassroot Bahamians?Is he willing to have Rodney Moncur as one of his key advisors?Is he willing to apologise to the Bahamian people for being part and parcel of some of the most disastrous policys implemented by any Bahamian Govt ever?

  2. Why do members of the Bahamian electorate so love to run these high minded, overly ambitious politcians up on BRAKES?

    Branville? Lol!
    3rd party? Lol1

    I don’t care what we think this country needs, it’s wasted energy as the very people above won’t cast their votes to this 3rd party or for Branville!

    The fundamental truth still holds and will continue to hold well past these upcoming elections that, Politics is Perception. We vote for whom we predict will be the winners.

    It’s what explains why Wells and Dupuch couldn’t possibly win a SECOND TIME as Independents. People loved them, and undoubtedly, they have done well for their country, but to not be affiliated with one of the major parties was political suicide. I mean, they don’t lose any sleep over it, as they both have given countless years in public service, and now, Wells for one, can focus on his investments and triple his already massive networth for the generations that follow him.

    These men today aren’t old school politicians like Pindling, Butler, Isaacs, Whitfield and the like, who see things from the ‘long haul’ perspective. They want to run today and win today and get rich and switch tomorrow. There’s no nobility in politics anymore. So all that hogwash and potcake you’re trying to feed them about them being a viable force in the years ahead doesn’t appeal to them in the least. Peter is no better than Paul and the only reason Branville left is because he comes from money. Otherwise noble or whatever we choose to mislabel him, had things been otherwise, he would be sapping up Papa’s BS just like the rest.

    Chew me up all you want. Your political analysis is all academic and fantastical and time will tell the tale.

    All of this is moot anyway until we see if Branny boy is going to pull out the flashlight and magnifying glass and find some balls to resign from the FNM in the first place! Then to go to a no name brand, ‘sweetwaters’ tennis party! Jokes. He would sooner run independent and be a half stepping PLP hoping that Ingraham steps down in 2017 at which time he can sneak back into momma’s house through the back window.

    “I tell you the truth, the man who does not enter the sheep pen by the gate, but climbs in by some other way, is a thief and a robber.

    Not Shakespare, that’s the Bible!!!!


    • Listen man!! I am all for a new party or even better one in the name of the NDP. However what the Bahamas needs more than ever is BAHAMIAN ACTIVIST(like Rodney Moncur), who will demand that policies be implemented and demand that there is change, to improve our country and empower all Bahamians to have the ability to advance. Unlike this situation we have now, where these politicians believe once they get in the house, they are safe like thieves. We need activist to act like the police, protecting and maintaining order. Think Bahamians think!!!
      And to Brandville, if it were me I would jump over board too, cause the FNM is a sinking ship.
      Shout out to all hard working police, you are doing an excellent job, I am seeing you every where now, wish I could see the immigration officers for all these illegals.

  4. if mc cartney resigns it will demonstrate that he is all about himself. if he so loves the bahamas and his party he would have weathered the internal storm and try to improve the party and bahamas, instesd he is acting like a spoilet baby how can he run the country if he will resign and pout if everything isnot perfect, he must remember good leaders to be weather the storm remembet mr ingraham and mr christie who endured and became prime ministers

  5. Branville, if you stay in the FNM, when they win next year, Hubert will not be recommending you to be the next leader. There are so many haters in the FNM who are jealous of you. Get some sensible FNM, PLP and the best of the 3rd parties and start a new party now.

  6. I have a question, perhaps not directly connected to this, but of Bahamian Politics none the less. How is that the PLP party can nominate and had over on a silver platter that seat to Ryan Pinder? Some one who practically gave up on the Bahamas, hasn’t been a part of Bahamian Politics forever, when there were, and still are, many other more deserving members, who have been here for the last 30 years, who can and would better represent the people, and who also, suffered with the people. That my friends, is very disappointing and a hard slap in the face to ANY long standing member of the PLP party.

    • @Rick, sameway how the fnm gave the leadership to Mr. ingRum, and it was alot of fnm’s in the waiteing,when there were, and still are, many other more deserving fnm’s, who have been with you’ll party for the last 30 years, who can and who would of leaded you’ll party better then Mr. ingRum,and who also suffered within the fnm. That my buddy is very disappointing and a hard slap in the face of those faitful fnm’s, but most of all this dem country would not of been in the state that it’s in today. Thank you

  7. JR, rodney moncur takes stands – popular or not…bran comments and opines and then backtracks…if he is serious, then get rolling…right now, he is just a teaser luvin all of this attention that he is getting.

    charles maynard has guts and charisma and money and smarts and connections…he is the next DPM in waiting, not branville.

  8. It will be a great day in this country when any politician within the FNM stands to their dictator and hands him their resignation,(wish I could be a fly on the wall.)Mr McCartney has lots of potential and will do well as an independent or otherwise, I do pray he gives Mr. Ingraham his resignation and seeks his political aspirations elsewhere.

  9. Bahamians, PROVE yourself worthy to lead this great country into the promised land. A belief will bring you to the line but a conviction will take you through the line.

  10. Third parties are useful to encourage debate from ouside of the mainstream of elections. Forget about being reelected. Ask Dr. Nottage and the CDR. I doubt that the NDP even has the clout once held by the CDR. Political coalitions have to rest on more than just the clout of a few ambitous persons. They need to make a connection with the electorate. Thes parties have not done this. Bahamians might be impressed by their ideas and debate, but they are not going to abandon the torch or the crab just for that!

    If Bran wants to be heard outside of the two major parties, then he should accept the fact the he has become a “Rodney Moncur”–a political activist and just that! Which is still a good thing!

  11. FNM,PLP,NDP all groups of professional politicians and wannabees with lots of promises but, no plans. Its time for these fellows to realise that there are many Bahamians who have more brains than they will ever have. Why have’nt we heard from them? Because, the Bahamas is in such a mess only God can save us!!



    • God helps those who helps themsleves. You have to do SOMETHING first! you say these are all wanna-bes… and a third party comes and tries to change that… then you reject them too??

      You might as well put up with what we have and try and change them while they are still small parties. Doing nothing encourages fools to take over and maing your own party just adds to the clutter. Basically, you either go for the third party or you try and convince yourself that the Bahamas will never change. Your choice..!!

  12. Earth to my fellow Bahamians……………..he’s another “LAWYER” another one from the flock of the entitled. That nice handsome face and that smile and 10c over time won’t even buy you a cup of coffee or tea.

  13. It is clear that Mr. Ingraham and Mr. Christie think they are the only options for Bahamians. If that is the case, we are in a fast sinking ship. Branville is the ONLY person in the entire FNM disaster of an administration to make an honest attempt to address the dangerous and growing illegal immigration situation in this country. The rest of them are not serious. They could care less about Bahamians. How in the world could they throw money after trying to lock up as many lost and frustrated young Bahamians as possible while at the same time making it clear that they have no intention of dealing with the thousands of illegal immigrant criminals who have no respect for the laws of this land! Look carefully at what’s happening with the immigration situation in this country. McCartney was trying to warn the people about this. Clearly, Haitians are getting a free pass – they are now being given status in the country as well as OUR LAND while we have to pay for it! If Mr. Ingraham tries to do anything to McCartney, it will be the final proof that he is against anything and everything and EVERYONE Bahamian. He is going to cause a mass riot in this country soon. If Ingraham thinks his grandchildren are going to be safe and rich, playing with kings and queens while he leaves our children and grandchildren surrounded by illegals and fighting to survive in their own country – he has another thing coming. McCartney’s not going away because Bahamians still matter in the Bahamas.

  14. Interesting. If Mr. McCartney were to leave, it would be best to leave asap, and build the NDP brand. Personally, I prefer to 2 Party system because of the inherent stability that it provides. Third and fourth Parties will only give us weak, unstable Leadership. we are not as disciplined as a people in my view to start messin’ with the 2 Party system that has served us so well..

    • He would be the first NPD Member of Parliament and after the General elections perhaps the first leader of HR Majesty’s Loyal Opposition. THE FNM will be NO MORE!

      And as they begun so will they end.


  15. Branville, Shane, Cassisus, and Dr. Rollins. That would be an all-star lineup.
    Young and experience with ideas.
    Make it happen.

    • No matter how good you are…a third party will not win this time…but its a good time to start the ball rolling. If a party starts now by next election, they could possibly form the next government. Bahamians are tired of the people who believes they are entitled. The Hanna, Christie era is coming to a close. The Ingraham era is finished and he destroyed it all by himself. A man who promised to leave but cant get enough, greed, power….he is sickening.

  16. BP, i dont know about this.

    It makes no sense politically for Papa to do that to Branville, especially in this anti FNM environment where Papa will need every FNM seat he can win to retain the government.

    If papa even tries to cut the boundary like that, it would be cutting of his nose to spite his face. He hates Branville so much that he is willing to give the PLP a seat? Lol!

    And it would make no sense for Branville to leave the party now. After the FNM loose the next election, all he has to do is bide his time as Papa will step down a year or two afterward and he could run for the leadership post against Tommy Turnip.

    What Branville has that Papa dont is time. All Branville has to do is wait him out. There is absolutely no need for him to leave the FNM and join forces with a party that will loose all their deposits.

    Or maybe someone from Branville’s inner circle has fed you a story to publish for the purposes of firing a warning shot to Papa to not cut up Branville’s boundaries or else there will be consequences?

    That i am more inclined to believe. Branville leaving the FNM, not so much.

    BP, I think Branville’s people used you to send a message to Papa.

    It must be election time!

    • I seriously doubt that they will lose their deposits. They have a serious reputation for delivering on their promises, plus adding the ever so popular Branville McCartney to their ranks would really tip the scales. I want change, so I’ll vote for change, and if everyone thinks the same way, then who knows? A landslide victory could occur right under our noses!

        • I have a theory for that. Everyone in the Bahamas was zeroing in on Elizabeth, which encouraged the major parties to spend huge sums of money on the campaign. The third parties never had a chance, because everyone in Elizabeth was too far swung, or simply fed-up and stayed home. An election is different, where people never focus on one main constituency.

      • Jason, you “seriously doubt that they will lose their deposits?” How much you want to bet? Dont mind the chatter, these 3rd parties are all bark, no bite and no money.

        Branville will be a fool to leave the FNM and join up with the NDP!

    • Timing is everything,and he should of been gone from he left Hubert’s Cabinet.I don’t know what to believe in this case, because after he left the FNM’s Cabinet last year;his views was that he thought Ingraham and the FNM was still the best to lead the country.Now because he can’t secure a nomination in his devastated party he’s frustrated with the state of affairs of the country,and is now concern with the direction we’re going in under the disastrous leader he endorsed just a year ago.

  17. BP, I and thousands of other Bahamians would welcome this move. Bran’s joining the NDP (the only party which has unashamedly pledged to empower Bahamians) would certainly complement the leadership of the NDP and make it a more viable alternative in the next elections. Word on the ground is that Bahamians are tired of both HAI and Perry. We need new leeadership, a new vision for our country that puts Bahamians first at all times.

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