Brawl in Bank Lane forced business to stop…Police injured


Police Station in Bank Lane, Nassau

Nassau, Bahamas — A police officer is down in Bank Lane this afternoon following a brawl in the downtown area, which erupted following a court arraignment.

Bahamas Press has learnt as men were being arraigned in magistrate’s court just over an hour ago for the 166th murder of a twenty-year–old at Club Illusions, an all out brawl between two rival families erupted outside the court between the two groups.

It was then, eyewitnesses tell us, that shots rang out in the downtown area near the courts and a police officer was injured in the ordeal. His condition is unknown at this time.

The incident brought out commandos from the strike force, causing traffic in the city to be diverted, while police began hunting down the person discharging the weapon and creating the brawl.

BP can tell you traffic is now backed up for miles in and around the city area as a result of the incident, with long lines of traffic along Dowdeswell Street.

Residents seeking to traverse the area are being asked to avoid Bay Street.


  1. When will we get it? Why are there no secure measures in place when these accused men are hoarded downtown to court? Like a previous comment, dey een gonna do nutin til a tourist get hurt. bOur berlice are the laughing stock of the world. Dey look so pityful trying to explain after the fact.

    And what is it with Michael Moss? How dumb can you be? how many time will this copper be stolen? These dude een serious!!

  2. We need to get serious about the dons and their gangs. They act with seeming impunity in carrying out revenge kills and attacks, and have no respect for authority or fear of justice.
    And these people are known to the police….

  3. How many times will the powers that be discuss court security. I bet nothing will change. They will wait for a tourist to get hurt, then you will hear them talk about securing the premises.

  4. A BP NEWS ALERT: Inspector Bradley Sands is the police officer with slight injuries following the Bank Lane Brawl today….

  5. The time has come when we need to look at security around the courts interms of crowd control. The authorities knew to expect this but no measures were put in place.

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