Bread Basket Items remain the same two years in! #keepyacornedbeef

Breadbasket items

NASSAU| So all the items Minister Duane Sands suggested are bad for Bahamians are still on the Breadbasket List. 

A notice of the List was published in Monday, June 3rd, 2019 newspapers. 

Sands had initially told Bahamians all of the items on the list should be taxed high and be replaced on the List by fruits and vegetables. 

Sands is a heart doctor who is still earning from his practise while working for the People on the side as the Minister of Health. No news has come from any of his patients suggesting that he has given free service since becoming Health Minister.

But two years into office, all Duane Sands saw was Barbara Hanna’s juicy $1.8 million dollar cleaning contract. So much for what is killing Bahamians.

Ahhhh, well! #keepyacornedbeef

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