DAVIS:PLP and Labour are one –

Opposition Leader Philip Brave Davis Q.C.

“PLP and Labour are one; we are joined at the hips” said PLP Leader, the Hon. Philip Brave Davis, as he addressed the media during his monthly press conference.

He noted the 1977 Memorandum of Understanding between the PLP and Labour unions that paved the way for the modern labour laws workers enjoy today, including agency shop.

He called on the PLP to craft another MOU with the Labour Unions for the further protection of the rights of and benefits for workers.

Turning his attention to the government’s budget statement, Mr. Davis said in the face of no external shocks, the 15% budgetary revenue shortfall is “catastrophic” as he continued his assault on the government’s 2019/2020 budget statement.

He called on the Finance Minister to withdraw his projected revenue or provide some empirical evidence to support his projections.

On the recent hotel strike vote, Mr. Davis slammed Labour Minister Foulkes for not doing enough to settle the labour dispute in the country’s number one industry.

On the premature announced appointment of the Governor General by C. A. Smith; the appointment of Ruth Bowe-Darvillle just four days before her 65th birthday, the age of retirement; and the breach of protocol by Youth and Sports Minister, Lanisha Rolle, Mr. Davis said that these actions clearly show this government’s contempt for protocols, conventions and the Constitution.

The FNM believes that the rules apply to others and not them and they are disconnected from the people, said Mr. Davis.