Why ya think the Tribune hate to see Bahamians invest and own this economy!?


NASSAU| The Establishment came out hard this morning attacking the possibilities for young Bahamians own this economy.

The Dutty Terlet Paper – aka the Tribune – came with their bandaged foot to present why young average Bahamians should not move up the ladder.

Now this is typical for the Terlet Paper DEM! They don’t want to see Bahamians grow and invest. They hate seeing Bahamians thrive! They are afraid to watch Bahamians build a grip strong around their own economy.

The nasty attack by the Tribune Business Section is nothing new. They never believed in the success or opportunity for the average man on the street. Bahamians today are learning that wealth is generated over time, through investments, and by collectively pooling resources.

BP encourages all Bahamians to invest and own our future! Forget the Tribune and those connected to with the establishment. They don’t want to see you grow!

We report yinner decide!