Breakfast meeting with the PM explode as an angry FNM cuss out the PM

Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham is pictured having lunch with Prime Minister of St. Maarten the Hon. Sarah Wescot-Williams, during a holiday visit to the isalnd.

Berry Islands, Bahamas — Expletives began flying around the breakfast table inside the Coolie Mae’s restaurant on in the Berry Islands, where Papa and crew held a meeting Wednesday morning.

BP had just landed on the island with Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham, wife Deloris, Mr and Mrs. Alphonso Elliott and the PM’s son-in-law and daughter. The visit was the last stop in the country before papa returned to the capital.

While on Great Harbour Cay, a community where BP has deep roots, Ingraham sat and met with the island’s new local government representatives, where he discussed matters of interest to the community.

As BP stood nearby ordering food and stirring a cup of coffee on a side table, we overheard the locals making requests to PAPA to make Great Harbour Cay a NO-TAX Zone. The request is not far fetched, as Papa promised the islanders to look into that possibility before the general elections are called.

While Papa sat at breakfast enjoying his meal, laughing and making snag remarks about Christie and the PLP, a taste of what is about to hit the sinking FNM ship approached the table.

BP begin looking into an opposite direction as our ears draw closer to Papa’s table, as what exploded was not good.

A former FNM worrier rudely interrupted Papa breakfast with the elected officials as an individual begin making a scene at the table.

The woman, who owns a pool bar on the island, began ranting over the poor treatment Papa and his outgoing FNM have delivered to Bahamians. She began gesticulating making up her face by the seconds as cuss words began flying like mosquitoes infected with dengue across the breakfast table.

“The Bahamian people ga have good reasons to fire you! You have failed the Bahamian people; and they should never, never ever never reelect you as Prime Minister of this country ever ever again,” the woman shouted as the Prime Minister began laughing loudly as to hush her angry voice.

BP swallowed a gulp of hot coffee in shock as she began carrying-on to no end. It was then when Papa ordered his armed police guards to have the woman removed from the table, which left all the local officials shocked with their eyes wide and white like night owls.

The woman said her disgust with the Prime Minister came following the FNM’s approval to allow two British citizens the license to open a Bed and Breakfast on the island. She pointed while she applied for the same opportunity, she has yet to be responded to from the Office of the Prime Minister, yet the government selected foreigners over her.

The PM noted he did indeed receive her request, and pointed that it would be considered. However, the woman noted the foreigners have their license, and she is left without a reply. “WHY?” she asked angrily.

She cried shame of the FNM and promised the Prime Minister she would do everything in her power to see to it that an FNM candidate is never elected in the Berry islands.

Papa was visibly shaken following the ordeal and opted to go fishing to relax the tension for the remainder of the day.

Bahamas Press was live on the scene traveling with the PM at the Coolie Mae’s restaurant down in the Berrys.



  1. BP please i will bet yal bont even no how ghc or b h b i lok. never the less no wer coolie mae is located. you who hiding behind bp is a raw bone plp who
    hates to no that you have a young fnm leading the local government as a fisrt timer and uyou been there for 15years and couldnt get chief councilor. and mr rolle who own whitewaters come and get it. and now you wan makw ingrahm lok bad by writing to bp telling them about the incident that hapen at the breakfast table. y you ain write how he sending the admisintrator back andros and how yall get rid of mr. knowles a good man who yall plp couldnt run over. not to get started but fair is fair don’t make Ingram look bad bcus yall, sign the paper for Angie and martin to start of with. the lady was upset bcus she was not well informed that it was yal 3 who signed the paper the other 1 couldnt read or write and the next 1 well yall dint need his signature bcus ya only needed 3 a. and day didn’t allow her her rights i would have been to but hey PAPA still in control and run it. how come bp didnt no that.

  2. What time is it? Time to hand Bahamians their shovels to prepare in 2012 to bury this “outgoing” FNM cabinet and their party from the Bahamian scene.
    The USA is broke because they shipped their jobs overseas, while this “outgoing” FNM cabinet imported the Chinese and encouraged the Haitians to leave Haiti, to take jobs and government land and houses away from Bahamians.

  3. If Christie wants to beat the outgoing FNM cabinet to win the government in 2012 he has to bring much more into the ring than he did in his address to the Nation, or get the hell out of the ring.
    Time is running out for the former PM to stand up to this “outgoing” FNM cabinet for all the wrongs they have done to Bahamians, black, brown, yellow and white.

  4. BP, on another matter,

    how is that ?the former want-to-be FNM-chairman, was able to get his house in Millennium Gardens label number 1, when his house is not that number, and furthermore he wrote to the ministry of works cussing out the people for not giving that number. So if you drive through that subdivision you will see two homes with number one, I guess that’s how the FNM count, 51=49, no wonder our kids are failing math.

  5. no matter how hurt you may be over a situation, the Prime Minster is still one of our leaders pf this great nation, and is required a little more respect than that. I totally see why you are upset and i agree, bt the next time you want to make him feel small do it at a rally when more can join in, bt please don’t cuss him out. nothing wrong with making negative remarks bt be a little more lady like when being negative towards him

  6. Lime Jamaica(Cable & Wireless) ended their first financial quarter with a 1.3 BILLION JAMAICAN DOLLAR LOSS!!!It is also being stated that C&W parent company WILL HAVE TO REDUCE ITS DIVIDEND PAYMENT/SELL OFF ASSETS.Boy PAPA sure can pick LOSERS!!!

  7. So could someone please explain how two NON-Bahamians was able to open up a bed and breakfast on the island even though the young lady applied before these foreign people? And she still hasn’t received a response yet?
    A young Bahamian, who is not out there stealing, shooting and murdering was denied a chance to earn an honest living. Now when she can’t put food on her table to feed her family who can she turn too? So another Bahamian loses out and people making noise about where the F.N.M. headquarters used to be!!! Another piece of our heritage has been sold, another Bahamian dream has been crushed! Be glad she didn’t pull a gun on the PM in her frustration; cause would we really want Tommy T aka jug-head in charge?

  8. @Ninja123 Now Ninja, you dont want start with Karen, what she said is correct, you obviously is a new kid on the block, so dont go there, she obviously is not talking about something just started…so you need to go sit in your corner and ask somebody who knows…ok, there are no lies in what she said….go get him Karen….

  9. this woman (so call FNM must have been DRUNK…..she goes to bed drunk,and wake up drunk….further more,she is not a BERRY ISLANDER.sorry mr prime minister,I apologise for her rude behavor.this is not Berry Island women actions…we have class in the Berries.

  10. BP, just one correction….Coolie Mae’s Restaurant is on BULLOCKS HARBOUR, NOT GREAT HARBOUR CAY…just thought i would point that out to you…great it, papa have no damn shame…none

  11. i am so elated this morning to see that my people have the balls and the guts to stand up to PAPA, what a glorious i know who this lady is and i am begging her not to give up her fight to own her piece of the island by getting the bed and breakfast going, (make sure the food is good). We must stop dese dam FNM from selling our land to these foreigners, it must stop NOW. the chinese dem own Nassau and half of the family islands, the foreigners have contract to clean LPA come on now what else is papa going to do to us before his behind is out of office……we have the haitians taking over, the jamaicans are taking over, what are we going to do as BAHAMIANS….Let’s take back what is ours and do it now bahamians….we are in a mess right now…….Hats off to my Gal in the BERRY ISLANDS….MAKE ANOTHER SCENE AND SHOW HIM WE MEAN BUSINESS…… make matters worst he gone FISHIN…WHAT KIND OF S%$T IS THAT? THESE FNMS HAVE NO DAMN SHAME

  12. OK..lets look at this incident from a NONpolitical angle..Mr. Hubert Ingraham is the Prime Minister of the Bahamas. Out of respect for the office he holds, NO one should approach him in a public place to “cuss him out”! If this happened to the leader of any other country, the “cusser” would be seen as a threat and arrested!! Just shows a lack of broughtupcy on the “cusser’s” part! While she may be upset about something that happened to her, the matter should not be discussed in public. Furthermore the Prime Minister of a country is NOT responsible for making each and every decision in the civil service!
    But unfortunately this is how it goes and why our country can’t move on! Because an individual does not get all he/ she wants from the government of the day, that administration should go! No taking into account any other achievements…..SELFISH AND IMMATURE!

    • Abby, whenever any government relegates citizens to second class status, it (the government) does not deserve the support of the electorate. This FNM government has blatantly demonstrated its disdain and disrespect for the citizens of The Bahamas. The whole bunch of these panty-waist cartoon characters need to go.

  13. That sounds like neita Roberts Rolle(sweet girl). The whole roberts family is FNM. Papa uses Chris Roberts House as his headquaters in bullocks harbour. I guess he was shock and probably had some rum in his coffee.LOL!!!LOL!!!Away with the wicked FNM..They dont worth 1 cent in mexican pesos. PLP ALL THE WAY>….I TELL YA DATTTT!!!

    • Karen When you ger lie, make sure people who do not know the truth will read IT!! For the past two elections, the F.N.M headquarters in Bullocks Habour was in two different locations within walking distace from the school. Chris’s house was not one of them. The first was a building near the dock (vacant) and the second was a shop space that was leased…

      In 2007 a building was leased and paid for upfront!! If you do not know the history of the first building ask and don’t lie!!!!!

      If ya lie about the building, I will say no more about the rest of your story.

      I could tell ya, what you say is a BOLD FACE LIE!!


  15. Hubert (the out going PM) is doing everything to lose the upcoming general election. The insults are coming ‘Fast & Often’ ! Can the Bahamian take another 5 years with this tyrant in charge of the country ! I say HELL NO, so say goodbye to the Free National Mess once and for all.Also, carry that crew of imcompetent Ministers from Freeport with you.

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