Breaking New>>> Man fell to his death at Queen's Staircase


17A man fell to his death this evening at the Queen’s Staircase. Details are sketchy however reports coming to Bahamas Press says that the man slipped and fell down the steep steps. And there he died we are told.


  1. My God! The wutless media in this country is so heartless. This pinewood garden man fell to his death and because he may not have been seen as a man of status, they did not even bother to mention the man name or where he came from. The only thing they acknowledged about this man is that he fell and hit his head and die and that was it. The wutless media need to stop this hypocrisy! Had this been one of those MPs, Lawyer or Doctor they would have been talking about this for weeks, they would have had all kind tributes for that person. Almost every night you would have seen that person picture on your TV screen. In this country once you are regarded as a common man it is almost like what ever happen to you don’t matter. I just want them to know what they are doing is wrong and God don’t operate like that, he love all of his children regardless of their position.

  2. We’ve learned that the man is 50 year old Leslie Sands of Pinewood Gardens. The man lost blood as a result of a head wound following his fall. Now the staircase is not more than 100ft away, but it took paramedics more than 45 minutes to arrive.



  3. The MEDIA joking There’s no honest up date on this man death as yet.May his soul resrt in peace.When I say the MEDIA I don’t mean BP.

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