Plot to force another by-election! Who will it be…Da Snitch or The Hometown Boy?


4181247_w350<<< Obie ‘Da Snitch’ Wilchcombe hopping out of court after giving testimony in the extortion case involving American actor John Travolta.

Nassau, Bahamas — Reports coming in are confirming that yesterday Perry Christie met with Obie ‘Da Snitch’ Wilchcombe and ‘Hometown boy’ Picewell ‘Socca’ Forbes to discuss the rumors circulating that ‘Papa’ has another PLP in his new bag and had offered a PLP MP the position of Chairman of URCA.

Now Bahamas Press told you that Perry called a last minute meeting to save the MP from leaving front line politics; but little did he know nothing he has to say will prevent the MP from leaving. LATE AGAIN!

The position once the Chairman is appointed cannot be easily be removed and we are told it carries a six [6] digit salary with perks! The post is one with with autonomy is held like a judge where the appointee cannot be removed easily no matter how the government change.

The only ruse is that whoever accepts this job must resign and force the country into another by-election. Who will be next to sell their political soul to the red DEVIL?

Bahamas Press warned Christie just last week to quickly deal with ‘Da SNITCH’, he didn’t listen. We told him in that Sunday article to remember how we warned him about Malcolm Adderley.

Well, some people never learn and others are slow learners. Whoever said lightening doesn’t strike the same place twice? For Perry and his PLP this move would be the third strike. When they ga learn?


  1. The Lord allows his people to punish to see if they would curse him.I say it again,anyone jumping on the sinking ship of the FNM is insane.After their defeat next Gen Elects watch the bloodbath as they point fingers at each other. I just hope the playwright Pintard makes a play about that.Two short yrs at most and PAPA and his crew gone.

  2. ianb, I feel that you are so wrong, along with some bad spelling words…….Hubert taking Soca or Obie means little or nothing, just like he lost the bye-election, he would lose both of those seats, if this story is factual that is, it would also be a bad move on Hubert’s behalf because the public would look at him like a leader that is wasting the people’s funds for his own glory trip, which he is, but it will bring it more to light, next, Hubert is doing a horrible job, and even beyond high light bills, crime, corruption, cronyism, incompetence and all the other stupid things he and his cabinet are doing and has done, he will lose the next general election, that’s if stays and he runs, he may break off running again and leave Tommy to mop up his mess, it’s the FNM that is in trouble, don’t get it twisted, Hubert is desperate to fix his image, because history will not be kind to him, Pindling redeemed himself and came out smelling like a rose, Hubert will be know as a sell out in the long run, and only looked out for a few, mark my words.

  3. Wow, who what have thought so,  Soca is a man like being in the front of everything, fancy clothes, fancy cars, the talk of the town. Arrogance  and  pretentious  is his  calling card, least we forget wife beater. Knowing the man like I do. Money was always his motivation , don’t be fooled by  his love for  “Oh Andros”. He is a true opportunist and that’s putting it mildly. If the PLP were in power, he would have been a  Minister. PC lost his leadership ability in 2007, we knew what we were getting  in 2002 and he did not live up to the  expectation.  The  PLP  party is falling apart, they have not captured the imagination  of the youth of this beautiful country. This was so evident in the previous by-election.  The FNM has given  us so much fuel to use against them , an all we do us “nothing”. The people requires a strong leader, one who is not only charismatic, put have testicle fortitude .
    Again we are two years away for what promises to be the biggest  election ever in the Bahamas, the stakes are extremely high, to the victor goes the spoils, billions of invested dollars, HAI wants to sure up his base, like I’ve said before the PLP cannot and will not out spend the FNM, however the determining  factors will be to outsmart and outwork the FNM. We have thousands of young people dying to be counted  and to be parted of this country. And what is the PLP doing  “nothing”. HAI will continue to pick of  members of the PLP one by one.  He knows their  weakness,  just like he knows  PC weakness. Will the  real leaders in the PLP standup.

  4. I would bet money its obie. cause obie would sell he mah for couple dollars. the hometown boy mouth to big to keep secrets he woulda done let that cat out the bag and besides he probably dont even know what the hell urca mean wit his **** ***. If ya ask me both obie and da hometown boy need to get of the plp and carry cool pc behind them. they are the weakest links in that great party.

  5. Yeah I agree, Soca is more succeptable to being a Judas; but mind you Ingraham alone is not the blame. We all know that Soca loves his church and is an advent follower of the Church of God. His Bishop, JOHNS HUMES,  has humialliated him at many public forums within that Denomination. BISHOP HUMES  normally recognizes all dignataries and acknowledges their position in an honorable manner but he was seen and heard acknowledgeing Soca as the Member of Parliament from somewhere in Andros…. Shameful BISHOP HUMES… You used the pulpit to influence one of your lay- shepherds…. If my bishop was putting pressure on me I would probably do the same thing…..


  6. Is there any room in the box that Rollins occupies?Normally I would disreagrd stories like this but the two persons named are hurting like many of us but would they sell their souls just for political expediency?Whether a denial is given sincerely or not they both must respond so that there is a record.Anyone jumping on the sinking ship of PAPA could only be insane. 

  7. Yeah both socca and snitch are continuosly seen hanging with FNM cabinet ministers. Socca might as well move in with Edison Key. Everytime Edison fart he is right up under his butt to smell it…   and Obie must be dating the minister of education, they are inseperable.

    I just think we need to rid our party of all these oppertunist and make our party great again…

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