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Breaking News <<< PLP will hold a Rally at headquarters on Farrington Road on Tuesday June 15th 2010 at 8:00PM.


  1. To answer you George. Not suggesting you line up behind ANY colored shirt really. That seems to be the problem. Bahamians are always looking for salvation via the same old TIRED political donkeys. Wake up and realize you need a REAL solution requiring cleaning house BIGTIME.
    No pun intended. Notice, no expletives used either. LOL

  2. Am so happy that the Opposition has decided to take PAPA on and answer word for word.The advisor of PAPA has told him to get worse in his style and hope that PLps get scared and remain silent.That aint happening this time.We beat PAPA in Lizzy and now we must dismantle the remainder of the ARMADA.The photo used is friendly to the eyes unlike the ugly colour red.Here is double talk from PAPA,he says that the country cannot have two major projects taking place at the same time but still wants the OPPOSITION to vote on whether 5000 Chinese can be brought into the country to work at Bahamar.PAPA is determined that Bahamar will not get off the ground and wants to use the Opposition as scape goats.I say to PAPA,call Gen Elects and let the Bahamian people vote on what they want.

  3. @ Been There, I saw plenty FNM’s at that rally wearing Yellow Shirts, Loving everything the “Yellow Shirted Piper” had to say… Now wat????????????

  4. Bring da water out the torch tell the FNM we cant take it no more…Bahamian People Fed up!!!!

  5. NO NO NO BP is rated G. Where all this cussing come from. PLEASE MODERATE YOUR COMMENTS Or we will have to exercise the extreme.


  6. Been there-who gives a shit about your faith has been sealed,we are fired up and ready to go.Tired of this miserable life.Tired of the land aquiring Brent,tired of dumb and dumber,Brensil and kenneth,tired of maynard who have 72 teeth in his mouth and always showing all of them,cause his mouth can’t close.The bahamian people have become beggars under this trust agenda.had it good before 2007,now in the squallows in 2010. Trust my ass.

  7. Been There – Are you suggesting that we line up behind the red shirts and the drunken piper? Let the Bahamian people decided their own fate. Yours has already been sealed

  8. And true to form all the blind deaf and dumb will line up to the tune of the Yellow Shirted Piper saying lots about nothing. You Bahamians never cease to amaze me. Please wake up dammit! LOL

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