BREAKING NEWS <<< A 3 year-old baby girl is dead following a drowning


file photo.

Eleuthera, Bahamas — There is breaking news tonight from a private island here in the Bahamas. We can confirm an apparent drowning on Half Moon Cay in the area of Eleuthera. We can tell you the tragic incident occurred just after noon today as guests of a cruise liner were celebrating on the private island.

Fellow beach goers pulled from the waters of the beach the lifeless body of a three year old. Source close to the investigation told BP the father of the child was initially monitoring the kid, while her mother went on a horseback riding trip.

It is unknown whether lifeguards were on patrol; however, the incident has left the family traumatized. After CPR failed on the young baby girl, she was rushed to a nearby clinic in Eleuthera where she was pronounced dead. Body is in the morgue in Eleuthera.


  1. I was on the beach on Half Moon Cay when the drowning occurred. The girl was one month shy of her 3rd birthday. As someone did CPR, the father was yelling and crying “Come back to me, baby, come back to me”. There were NO LIFEGUARDS at the beach. Other cruise passengers attempted to save her, to no avail. She was already gone, there on the beach. My deepest condolences to the family. I am so sorry.

    • But Cruiser no one has reported this incident except BP. ???/ But as you can see the naysayers continue to suggest we are reporting LIES.

      I don’t know why for the life of this organization they don’t stop reading BP? Boy, they wait tell we drop one story tomorrow. ALL WE SAY IS THIS, if they thought Malcolm Adderley’s resignation last year was a bombshell, wait until we break this new story tomorrow morning.



    • Cruiser: Thank you very much for your condolences to the family in this tragic loss. The family has asked us to investigate the events that occurred on the beach that day. We would be very grateful if we could communicate with you. I can be reached at Thank you.

  2. My heart felt condolences go out to that family on their loss.There was a similar incident in Nassau a few yrs ago and it is always sad when these things happen.My only wish is that when another similar tradgity occured in the Fox Hill area a few years ago,that the Police would have treated it the same way and not take the greiving Family to court.They are all sad situations that required simpathy for the Families.

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