Breaking News <<< Massive Fire in Downtown Nassau at Betty K

Massive Fire now underway in downtown Nassau.

Breaking News happening at this hour confirms there is a a massive fire in the downtown area as we speak. Workers of the Betty K [Kelly Dock] are out of a job this morning as a massive fire has engulfs their offices early this morning. We are getting reports the fire is spreading to buildings north of the facility.

We also told scores of items have been lost due to the blaze.

Bahamas Press advises investigators to use The Port security cameras in the area to assist in their investigations.


  1. so what if its an insurance scam. White people own all the big business on bay. They own all the prime real estate on Bay and the rest of Nassau. They own the insurance companies. ya see white people gat sense. If they do anything underhanded ya’ll never know,, cause they don’t run they mouth like all the black people in this town.

    That’s why they will always be ahead of yall jokers.


  2. I don’t want to come across as being negatve but didn’t the Betty K. Agencies lay-off workers sometime last year due to “a protracted period of lower business activity”. Well, if they did that when business was slow how is it that they can assure all employees that their jobs are secure at a time when business will go even lower in volume than at the time before. Or is this just a public relations stunt by them in an effort to give the impression that they are still a viable option for shipping (a positive and defiant message to their competitors). If so, people’s lives and well-being should not be played with in this manner. Keep your eyes on this company over the next 90 days.

  3. How sad that those on here who are willing to make accusations of arson about something that is no more than idle gossip. An official investigation into the cause of the fires will be done.

  4. When the former Govt 2002 -2007 was at the reigns of power there was a plan for the development of the Bay St area and studies were being done.A development is still on but am wondering if it is the same plan or another that involves more expenses.My concern is how much money the insurance company is going to payout on a building that had to be destroyed anyway.A Fire investigator must be brought in as the slowness of the fire suggests a chemical being used to feed its ferocity.Are there any cameras inside the building that houses Kelly?What about the cameras on the Churchill building and those at the Port?Do any other store on Bay St have cameras that scan the front section of Kellys?When these points are investigated and proven one way or the other the conspiracy theory could be properly addressed.

  5. Well history just have a way of repreating it self bay street fire back in 2001, FNM gone in 20002, bay street fire 10 years later 2011 and boy Gen. Election on the way again in 2012, you’ll just work out the rest.

  6. With all the B.S. floating though here, lets see some of you Negroes build a long serving stable and as honorable business serving the Bahamian public.
    What y’all and your stupid politicians don’t shit up instantly you sure as hell can’t create.
    BTW, I ain’t white.

  7. Da PM, Mr. Boss say da buck stops with him. What people have to accept is that the owners of Betty K is one of the biggest money giver to the FNM party so let’s really see what will happen to the investigation.

    • this might be a bad time to ask, but thought I’d hit it while it’s hot….no pun inteded 🙂 I hope every one and everything is ok. But we’ll be there in a month or so on a cruise. Was wondering where we could go to get some cheap booze and a fun time on the beach (w/ chairs/umbrellas)? Everyone else just tells us of expensive excursions of shopping and eating w/ children involved.

  8. Why would you say that this isn’t a big deal; in a hectic economy ppl just lost their job. How would you feel if this was your job that was on fire?

    • Who is “yall?”

      I for one dont have a problem with downsizing of the civil service. I for one have called for its reduction by 1/4. What i am against is the way in which Mr Ingraham is going about it. If you do things in the right way, there will be minimal complaints.

      Fact is, the civil service will be reduced because the level of debt right now is to the point where downsizing is inevitable.

      Mark my words, downsizing is going to take place within the next 3-7yrs. You can only sell so many assets and raise so many taxes!

  9. Man, this isnt a big deal. they were going to break that building down anyway and have the new building built as part of the Bay St redevelopment project. This fire only speed things up!

    • And allow some people to get a fat insurance check!!
      But hey they probably been paying big insurance premiums on that for years, bout time they got something back for it!

  10. I wander if the TORCHBEARERS ga meet 2/15/2011, to discuss BTC and MOU “OUR BIRTHRIGHTS” sale agreement in da House Of Parliment. Seems as though House Of Senate and Churchhill Bld are targets , wha yinna tryna hide. I SMELL SMOKE

  11. Insurance SCAM.. Betty K container port .. they had to move ..guess its time to collect

    • I work down at the Port and it was so sad to see how quickly the fire swept through all those stores. It’s already tough on the average working bahamain, but I pray the GOD will restore all those with DOUBLE for what was lost.

  12. News Coverage is just TERRIBLE ……… would have been nice if ZNS was online………..some of us live abroad.

    • Online? they dont even do breaking news locally and you talking about online. JCN, Cable12, ZNS should have been broadcasting live from the scene on tv and radio.

      Its not that they dont have the equipment, they just lazy!

  13. Hmmm… Let’s see, now..
    1.)MOU signed granting old money shipping families and other oligarchs a legal(sic) monopoly over all shipping for 20 miles around the island of New Providence for years, with 90 year leases on PUBLIC reclaimed land, new road works (possibly funded in part by item 1)and grants of land in Gladstone Road.

    2.)Raging fire at old money shipping family’s Bay St. establishment, completely destroying the building, all the interior, and presumably any records,unclaimed goods,etc.

    Sounds like free money to me!
    I’m expecting insurance premiums to go up soon, along with shiny new facilities on Arawak Cay!

    • You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Rather than speculate, why don’t you say something reasoned and intelligent?

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