BREAKING NEWS <<< Jackson Burnside admitted to ICU - We Pray For His Speedy Recovery


Jackson Burnside

Bahamas Press asks the prayers of the faithful to join us in asking the GREAT PHYSICIAN to lend a speedy recovery to Bahamian architect, Jackson Burnside.

Burnside was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit and at this hour is being airlifted to Florida.

Burnside is the host of the famous Saturday morning talk show, Junkanoo Talks.

In a plea to the public for prayers, his daughter Orchid posted the following on facebook:

Dear friends,

Some of you may have heard that my father is in ICU at the moment. He is currently stable and being moved to Florida for further observation. I will post here periodically to keep you informed of his progress. Thank you to those who have expressed concern & prayers thus far.

BP Prays For His Restoration to good health, sound mind and strength to continue in lending the needed assistance to the development of our country. We Pray For His Speedy Recovery.


  1. I am deeply saddened at the news of the passing of Architect Jackson Burnside. Jackson was more than a Bahamian; he was a Caribbean man! He touched lives and inspired many through his creativity, and imagination. I met him in 1991 when he taught my undergraduate class as a visting lecturer to the Caribbean School of Architecture in Kingston Jamaica. It was my privilege to have known him, I only wished I could have seen him again.

    I pray that the peace of God will rest and abide with his family during this time of loss.

  2. May the Great “Omega Man” in the sky continue to shine on you and grant you a speedy recovery. Fraternally, your brother.

  3. The Lord is your strength and your shield;in Him your
    heart trust;so you are helped, and your heart exalts.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family
    for a speedy recovery. God bless you.

  4. Father, we come before YOU on behalf of Jackson Burnside. We thank you now Oh Lord that every tissue and organ in his body functions in the perfection in which you created it to function and that by your stripes he is already healed. We bless you for trusting Mr. Burnside with the testimony of your awesome healing power and we believe that when you bring him out, he’ll tell the world that YOU did it all. We bless you for his family and friends and we ask that you continue to strengthen and build them up in the midst of it all. We praise your Holy and Righteous NAME for hearing this prayer. By faith we believe that you not only hear us, but that you watch over your word to perform it in our lives..and so we decree that IT IS SO!!! IN JESUS’ MIGHTY NAME!

  5. Our prayers are with Mr Jackson for a sppedy recovery.There is power in prayer,with God all things are possible and God still perform miracles.

  6. Jackson is an awesome friend. I always enjoy our early morning chats at Montagu Beach. I pray that the Lord would heal him and bring him back to us in perfect health.

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