BREAKING NEWS <<<<<< Bahamas Press has been shut down by the Bahamas Government.


BREAKING NEWS <<<<<< Bahamas Press has been shut down by the Bahamas Government

We advise all our loyal readers in the Bahamas around the world to note we are working to override the situation and shall update you as to the developments unfold.

As of early this morning technical team at Bahamas Press reported a blocking of our network online within the Bahamas. Teams reported our signals entering the Bahamas were being intercepted and therefore locals began experiencing drop signals to the website online.

We urge daily readers to be patient as we engage a solution to override the problem.

Once again, is being blocked by instruction of the Bahamas GOVERNMENT. Standby…..

In the meantime we will advise our loyal readers to log onto our facebook fan pages and to remain current with breaking news in the country.


  1. It was really shut down for many days but not just inside The Bahamas. I’m in the States and couldn’t get on for days.

  2. Why you don’t stop!?!?!? How you could be shut down and I am now on your site posting?!?!? And please the FNM does not block free speech! Stop lying. Like the time you told everybody the FNM shut down facebook…

    You aint nuttin but a lyin child…

    Now go pay your go daddy bill…

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